"This text provides a superb coverage of the psychopathology and treatment for adult and child mental health. The scope of disorders addressed is comprehensive and the combination of eloquent descriptions of historical context along with in-depth reviews of contemporary models for each group of disorders provides a completeness that is rarely achieved. Indeed, Professor Davey's inclusion of the most cutting edge research and pressing clinical issues makes his text stand above others. In addition, he brings his discussion alive with the intertwining of clinical vignettes that makes his text a delight to read. Finally, this is a masterpiece of organization, with a variety of features that undoubtedly will pique and maintain student interest and learning."

Michelle Craske, UCLA

"This superb book brings to life in a highly accessible way the realities of clinical disorders and clinical practice. The reader cannot fail to be fascinated by the range of symptoms people display and by the ingenious ways in which psychologists have sought to treat them. The range and depth of learning Davey displays is truly impressive."

Chris Brewin, UCL

"Graham Davey has accomplished a feat seldom attempted in the field of psychopathology. He has produced a text of extraordinary depth and breadth and managed to do so in a single voice. Davey not only tackles the whole of psychopathology himself, but does so with a level of integration of various factors contributing to causation and successful treatment that is difficult to achieve even with teams of authors. All students of psychopathology will benefit."

David H. Barlow, Boston University

"The author has produced an excellent resource for students at various levels. The chapters are interspersed with sound contemporary clinical theory, which is supported by rich case examples to illustrate the content."

Rudi Dallos, Plymouth University

"Unique in its coverage of experimental psychopathology which is blended with clinical psychology, it is an indispensable resource for undergraduate students and their teachers. The book is backed by audio-visual resources and links to key published articles, making it one of the most useful and informative texts at this level."

Adrian Wells, University of Manchester

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