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BPS Blackwell presents a comprehensive and authoritative series covering everything a student needs in order to complete and undergraduate degree in psychology.

Refreshingly written to consider more than North American research, this series is the first to give a truly international perspective.  Written by the very best names in the field, the series offers an extensive range of titles from introductory level through to final year optional modules, and every text fully complies with the BPS syllabus in that topic.  No other series bears the BPS seal of approval!

Each book is supported by a companion website, featuring additional resource materials for both instructors and students, designed to encourage critical thinking, and providing for all your course lecturing and testing needs

Other Titles in the Series

Published Titles

Introduction to Social Psychology
Miles Hewstone, Wolfgang Stroebe and Klaus Jonas

"Over the past two decades, Introduction to Social Psychology has become a classic in European universities and beyond. Its fourth edition takes a big leap forward as not only is it extended by three more chapters, it has also raised its didactic standards to the highest levels of the American counterparts. Colourful illustrations, summaries, biographies of "pioneers" and other new features have further improved the readability and fun that comes with browsing through its chapters. Highly recommended!."

Fritz Strack, University of Wurzburg

Miles Hewstone, Frank D. Fincham and Jonathon Foster

"For the first time we have a British textbook that can really address our needs. I would, and shall, recommend this text to anyone teaching a first-year introductory psychology course in the UK."

THES, December 2005

Personality and Individual Differences
Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic

"What most people want from a textbook is that it is up-to-date, well-written, succinct, and well-produced. This excellent new text admirably fulfils all those criteria."

Adrian Furnham, University College London


Judgement and Decision-Making
David Hardman

An Introduction to Reading Development and Reading Difficulties
Kate Cain

Chris Moulin and Martin Conway

John Groeger and Benjamin Clegg

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