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Psychopathology continues to rise in popularity as a course of study and many students go on to pursue a career in its associated profession of clinical psychology. To answer this need, Psychopathology has been designed to provide students with a comprehensive coverage of both psychopathology and clinical practice - including extensive coverage of assessment, etiology, and effective treatment techniques for a range of mental health issues. The emphasis in the book is on providing the student with a thorough academic knowledge of psychopathology, based on current research in a range of relevant areas.

In addition to establishing a working academic knowledge of psychopathology, the book also conveys some of the issues and challenges that face the clinical practitioner, and provides the reader with a realistic insight into what clinical psychologists do and how they do it. The initial chapters of Psychopathology deal with broader conceptual issues relating to the field, including the definition of psychopathology and its assessment tools, research methods, and treatment options. Subsequent chapters focus on a range of specific psychopathologies likely to be encountered by practicing psychologists.

The text is supplemented by a variety of features designed to broaden the student's understanding and facilitate effective teaching. These include:

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