Instructor Resources

For instructors who feel they spend too much time formulating and producing material for classes and exams and not enough time teaching, the Psychopathology Instructor Resources offer valuable assistance.

The following resources can either be accessed online, or you can request a copy of all the complete resources library in Blackboard and Web CT course cartridges

  1. Access a selection of essay questions, designed for use either in informal class tests or in more formal exams, these are password protected and for instructor use only.
  2. The self-test questions can be covered as part of a class exercise.
  3. You can access ALL of the figures and plates from the book, available in PDF format: simple to download and use as required in your own lecture presentations.
  4. We provide chapters in electronic form, allowing you to search easily for specific terms and themes in the book.
  5. Contents lists allow you to view the contents of the book.
  6. Our main online glossary enables you to find definitions of all the key terms in the textbook at a glance.

Simply complete a short registration form and we will then review this within 7 days. Then feel free to explore!

Alternatively if you already have access you can login here

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