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Students' Area

Welcome to Psychology's Students' Area. This part of the website is concerned with helping you, the student, to consolidate your learning by self-testing and quick access to in-text features.

What can this website offer you, the student?

  1. Use the menu above to access a large bank of self-test questions for you to test your learning of the content of the textbook. For each chapter we provide:

    - an interactive multiple-choice test choose from four possible answers for each question;

    - an interactive fill-in-the-blanks test - insert the missing word in the gap for each question, and the electronic marker will do the rest; and

    - a selection of essay questions - write an essay or formulate some thoughts based on the essay questions provided; a list of points that should be covered allows you to see if you are on the right lines.

  2. Drop-down contents lists allow you to switch from short lists to extremely detailed ones within seconds. Further reading suggestions and other in-text features can also be accessed from here within a click or two.

  3. Our main online glossary enables you to find definitions of all the key terms in the textbook at a glance.

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