"Comprehensive, engaging and incisive - this is an outstanding text that students will be sure to welcome."
Prof Michael Siegal, University of Sheffield, UK

"This is an extraordinarily comprehensive text. I have not seen anything to equal it in terms of sheer depth and breadth of coverage. Fortunately, the logic of the structure and the clarity of presentation permit this mountain of information to be easily navigated by the student."
Dr Jeff Coney, Murdoch University, Australia

"This is the best introductory psychology text I have seen. The text is well written and comprehensive and, unlike some other introductory texts, it treats topics with the intellectual rigour they deserve. I would not hesitate to recommend this book to anyone teaching introductory level courses in Psychology."
Dr Simon Davies, University of Hull, UK

"This book does a great job in providing a comprehensive, integrated, state-of-the-art coverage of the field of psychology, it really brings the field alive. The chapters are clearly structured, written in a highly accessible style and full of fascinating information. Each chapter is authored by a leading expert of the respective area. The authors succeed in conveying their fascination with their fields to their readers. The book is a pleasure to read. Students will not only profit greatly from reading it, they will enjoy doing so."
Prof Wolfgang Stroebe, Utrecht University, The Netherlands

"Preparing an introductory psychology text requires difficult decisions about the desirable range of subject matter and depth of treatment. Hewstone, Fincham and Foster have assembled a number of editors, all of whom are experts in their fields to assist with this task, and have used a framework which makes the material accessible and coherent."
Dr Robert Jamieson, La Trobe University, Australia

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