Introduction to the Study of Dinosaurs

Anthony J. Martin

About the Book

This highly accessible introduction to dinosaurs places scientific method at the crux of the studies, teaching students about scientific research and principles as they learn about dinosaurs. Now in its second edition, the text includes updates on recent discoveries, increased coverage of evolution and physiology, and an expanded and improved illustration program.

Intended for both majors and non majors, this textbook balances scientific rigor with real world examples that show how dinosaurs lived and died as well as what happened to them after they died. The importance of trace fossils and taphonomy is highlighted throughout.

Key Features

  • An expanded and improved illustration program with high-quality, full-color figures and photographs throughout
  • Fully integrated companion web site with interactive material and all art in downloadable form (art also available to instructors on CD-ROM)
  • Everyday scenarios at chapter openings which set the stage for chapter content
  • End-of-chapter discussion questions
  • Easy-reference glossary
  • New references at the end of each chapter


“The text is very appropriate for an introductory course on dinosaurs. The material is up to date, the pedagogy is excellent, and the explanations of technical material are accessible. I've already used this text, and will continue to do so – the new edition is an excellent improvement.”
— Raymond Freeman-Lynde, University of Georgia

Introduction to the Study of Dinosaurs is packed with information and covers the essential topics thoroughly. Martin's style makes the reading fun and easy, so that the information is easy to assimilate. In addition, the website is an excellent resource, providing a wealth of information and links for further exploration.”
— Gus Winterfeld, Idaho State University