"An excellent, succinct, comprehensive, one-stop resource. Students and tutors will appreciate the book's accessibility, clarity, ease of use and practical suggestions for how to conduct a well informed and rigorous research project."

Professor Saul Becker, Director of Research, School of Sociology and Social Policy, University of Nottingham.

"As someone responsible for an honours thesis seminar in anthropology, where undergraduates are to undertake their own research projects, I found this newest contribution by Colin Robson to be of substantial value and special merit. Robson is keenly aware of the many difficulties encountered by students in making the transition from consumers to producers of knowledge. This work draws in readers with illuminating guidelines and it educates even those with an advanced knowledge in research methods. As usual, Robson is able to synthesize and present knowledge distilled not just from personal experience but also from his coverage of the vast methods literature. He does so in a manner that, far from overwhelming students, furnishes students with an invitation to undertake exciting projects in social research that will surely leave them with a lasting impression."

Dr Maximilian Forte, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Concordia University

"Colin Robson has produced a practical guide for undergraduates conducting research projects. The text is clear and accessible and includes material on planning, conducting and writing-up projects. It will be a valuable guide for beginners."

Bob Burgess, Vice Chancellor, University of Leicester