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Acta Physiologica 2013; Volume 207, Supplement 694
92nd Annual Meeting of the German Physiological Society
Heidelberg, Germany

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  • A
    A bone overgrowth disorder due to a gain-of-function mutation of guanylyl cyclase B, the receptor for C-type natriuretic peptide
    Premsler   *T. , Hannema S.E., van Duyvenvoorde H.A., Gaßner B., Oberwinkler H., Yang R.-B., Müller T., Santen G.W.E., Verkerk A.J.M., Uitterlinden A., Oostdijk W., Pereira A.M., Losekoot M., Wit J.-M., Kuhn M., Kant S.G.
    A Kinase Anchoring Protein (AKAP) 12 deficiency impairs angiogenesis in endothelial cells and in vivo
    Loot   *A. , Zippel N., Fleming I.
    A lox dependent positive feedback loop promotes ECM elasticity in Drosophila
    Schillers   *H. , Kim S.N., Waelte M., Klaembt C.
    A modulatory role of Cx43 in cell migration and filopodia formation
    Pogoda   *K. , Kameritsch P., Behrens J., Pohl U.
    A novel oxygen-binding globin expressed in the hypoxic testis
    Hoogewijs   *D. , Ebner B., Germani F., Hoffmann F.G., Fabrizius A., Moens L., Burmester T., Dewilde S., Storz J.F., Santambrogio S., Wenger R.H., Neuhauss S.C.F., Vinogradov S.N., Hankeln T.
    A tool for reaction time studies in students laboratory experiments
    Christ   *A.
    Achalasia in mice lacking NO-sensitive guanylyl cyclase
    Groneberg   *D. , Zizer E., Lies B., Wagner M., Friebe A.
    Actin coating of lamellar bodies during the post-fusion phase of exocytosis is mediated by Rho GTPases
    Ehinger   *K. , Neuland K., Timmler M., Wittekindt O.H., Dietl P., Frick M., Miklavc P.
    Actin depolymerization and impaired degranulation of platelets from patients with Choreoacanthocytosis
    Russo   *A. , Schmidt E., Schmid E., Münzer P., Hermann A., Eyrich A., Walker B., Gu S., vom Hagen J., Faggio C., Schaller M., Alesutan I., Föller M., Schöls L., Borst O., Gawaz M M., Storch A A., Stournaras C., Lang F.
    Activation and deactivation of cnga2 channels follow differential pathways
    Nache   *V. , Schulz E., Eick T., Benndorf K.
    Activation of Rac-1 and RhoA contributes to podocyte injury in chronic kidney disease
    Babelova   *A. , Jung O., Jansen F., Amann K., Brandes R.P.
    Activation of TREK-1 by carbon monoxide and nitric oxide
    Koschinsky   *K. , Kocher V., Schlichthörl G., Daut J., Preisig-Müller R.
    Activin dampens the augmenting effect of alcohol on phasic GABAergic inhibition
    van Brederode   *J. , Zheng F., Alzheimer C.
    Activte Vitamin D3 restores vascular regeneration in diabetic mice
    Wong *S., Weigert A., Brandes R.P., Schröder   K.
    Acute changes in glomerular albumin filtration during systemic infusion of angiotensin II - a multiphoton microscopy study
    Schießl   *I.M. , Castrop H.
    ADAMTS16: A novel metalloproteinase involved in kidney development
    Jacobi   *C.L.J. , Rudigier L.J., Scholz H., Kirschner K.M.
    Adaptation of water resorption in NCI-H441 epithelia to long term apical volume expansion
    Michel   *C. , Neubauer D., Frick M., Mizaikoff B., Dietl P., Wittekindt O.H.
    Adhesion of annexin 7 deficient erythrocytes to endothelial cells
    Abed   *M. , Balasaeb S., Towhid S.T., Daniel C., Amann K., Lang F.
    Age-dependent regulation of long-term potentiation at medial perforant path-granule cell synapses by hyperpolarization-activated, cyclic nucleotide-gated nonselective (HCN) channels
    Rohde   *M. , Guli X., Köhling R., Kirschstein T.
    Ageing induces changes in cross-talk between NO and cAMP/Epac signaling in mouse basilar arteries
    Welter *J., Weckmüller K., Schmitz C., Todorovic N., Papadopoulos S., Pfitzer G., Lubomirov   L.
    Agonist Properties of Formyl Peptide Receptors, a Family of G-Potein-Coupled Receptors Expressed in the Immune and Olfactory Vomeronasal System Exhibit Distinct Agonist Properties
    Bufe   *B. , Schumann T., Zufall F.
    Akt2-dependent transcriptional factor ETS1 regulates expression of IP3 receptor 2 in dendritic cells
    Yang   *W. , Nurbaeva M.K., Schmid E., Russo A., Szteyn K., Faggio C., Shumilina E., Lang F.
    Alterations in the nitric oxide / soluble guanylyl cyclase pathway enhance the risk of myocardial infarction
    de Wit   *C. , Kaiser F., Aherrahrou Z., Koesling D., Schunkert H., Erdmann J.
    Altered matrix homeostasis due to a new miR-29b sponge
    Hennemeier   *I. , Schwerdt G., Gekle M.
    Altered regulation of cytosolic Ca2+ concentration in dendritic cells from klotho hypomorphic mice
    Nurbaeva   *M. , Shumilina E., Yang W., Schmid E., Leibrock C., Lang F.
    AMP-activated kinase participates in cell volume regulation
    Föller   *M. , Jaumann M., Dettling J., Saxena A., Pakladok T., Munoz C., Alesutan I., Singer W., Ruth P., Sopjani M., Seebohm G., Rüttiger L., Knipper M., Lang F.
    AMP-activated protein kinase regulates hERG potassium channel
    Almilaji   *A. , Munoz C., Elvira B., Pakladok T., Lang F., Föller M.
    An acidic environment activates inflammatory programs in fibroblasts
    Riemann   *A. , Ihling A., Thomas J., Schneider B., Thews O., Gekle M.
    An endocytic motif mediating constitutive endocytosis of the potassium channel Kir2.1
    Tu *W., Milani W., Daut   J. , Renigunta   V.
    Annexin 7 in the Regulation of Gastric Acid Secretion
    Chatterjee   *S. , Pasham V., Rotte A., Mia S., Alesutan I., Hosseinzadeh Z., Bhandaru M., Noegel A.A., Lang F.
    Apomorphine is a bimodal modulator of transient receptor potential A 1 (TRPA1) channels
    Schulze   *A. , Schaefer M., Hill K.
    Apoptosis is modulated by gap junctional communication
    Kameritsch   *P. , Pogoda K., Pohl U.
    At the endplate of the mouse, α-conotoxin M1 (CTx) blocks postsynaptic nicotinic receptors and activates presynaptic muscarinic M1 and M2 receptors
    Dudel   *J.
    Ator- and Rosuvastatin inhibit varicosis-like venous remodeling processes
    Meyer   *R. , Feldner A., Wagner A., Hecker M., Korff T.
    ATP release from microglia regulates their membrane potential and process motility in the rat hippocampus
    Madry   *C. , Jolivet R., Eder C., Attwell D.
    Atrial natriuretic peptide counteracts the cardiac actions of aldosterone during hypertensive remodeling
    Nakagawa   *H. , Völker K., Oberwinkler H., Gaßner B., Bayer B., Dienesch C., Umbenhauer S., Baba H.A., Frantz S., Kuhn M.
    Augmented endothelin-1 signaling in atrial myocardium from spontaneously hypertensive rats
    Pluteanu   *F. , Wolke C., Bukowska A., Kiess T., Galla D., Chilukoti R.K., Sack C., Ivanova T., Goette A., Lendeckel U., Kockskämper J.
    Axonal Branching at the Dendritic Compartment of Hippocampal CA1 Neurons
    Thome   *C. , Kelly T., Engelhardt M., Both M., Cambridge S., Draguhn A., Beck H., Schultz C., Egorov A.


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