Single Cell Bacteria
Blackwell Publishing

As with all web links, these can change or be deactivated. To check for changes or updates, please check the author’s (NJT) homepage. These are just some of the useful webpages available. There are many more useful and relevant webpages on the internet.

Dr. Trun’s Webpage


DOE educational Site with many resources and links for all ages. The Cells Alive link has great videos of many microbe related processes. Many of the other links are useful, too.

American Society for Microbiology site

An animation of how specialized transduction works

Molecular Biology

The student activities on this site allow the students to carry out virtual DNA sequencing.

This page has useful links to other molecular biology teaching sites

DNA structural analysis of sequenced microbial genomes

Learning Centers

A variety of different levels but usually has great pictures, activities, videos or practical problems

University of Utah Genetics Science Learning Center

Cold Spring Harbor Labs Dolan DNA Learning Center

MadSci Network – covers many areas of science. Archives and Ask-A-Scientist are useful features

Science Magazine Functional Genomics website

Education Resources

Useful links for a variety of Biology Related Topics

The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center links page for education resources

Microbiology and Bacterial Genetics Courses on the web

These are classes from various universities that maintain a webpage for the class. In general, there are class notes, syllabi and in some cases problem sets included on these sites. These are also useful to get an idea what other scientists in the field deem important enough to include in their class.

Microbiology at Ohio State notes, sample exams, figures

Acadia University notes, figures, practical examples

Bacterial genetics at the University of Maryland Baltinore County, papers, class notes and references

Class notes and pictures on specialized transduction

University of Wisconsin Microbiology textbook, notes on many bacterial genetics topics