Single Cell Bacteria
Blackwell Publishing

Fundamental Bacterial Genetics

Fundamental Bacterial Genetics presents a concise introduction to microbial genetics. The text focuses on one bacterial species, Escherichia coli, but draws examples from other microbial systems at appropriate points to support the fundamental concepts of molecular genetics. A solid balance of concepts, techniques, and applications makes this book an accessible, essential introduction to the theory and practice of fundamental microbial genetics.

Fundamental Bacterial Genetics features:

  • FYI boxes – feature key experiments that lead to what we now know, comparisons with other species and more.
  • Study questions – at the end of each chapter, review and test students' knowledge of key chapter concepts.
  • Key references – included both at chapter end and in a full reference list at the end of the book.
  • Full chapter on bioinformatics and proteomics - includes coverage of functional genomics and microarrays.
  • Dedicated website – – animations, study resources, web research questions, and illustrations downloadable for PowerPoint files provide students and instructors with an enhanced, interactive experience.