Each chapter includes:


Part I: General Concepts, Processes and Procedures

  1. Psychopathology: Concepts and Classification
    • Introduction
    • Explaining Psychopathology
    • Defining Psychopathology
    • Classifying Psychopathology
    • Good Psychological Health
    • Conceptual and Classification Issues Reviewed
  2. Clinical Assessment
    • Introduction
    • Methods of Assessment
    • Case Formulation
    • Clinical Assessment Issues Reviewed
  3. Research Methods in Clinical Psychology
    • Introduction
    • Research and Science
    • Clinical Psychology Research: What Do We Want To Find Out?
    • Research Designs in Clinical Psychology
    • Ethical Issues in Clinical Psychology Research
    • Research Methods in Clinical Psychology Reviewed
  4. Treating Psychopathology
    • Introduction
    • The Nature and Function of Treatments for Psychopathology
    • Evaluating Treatment
    • Treating Psychopathology Reviewed

Part II: Adult Mental Health

  1. Anxiety-Based Problems
    • Introduction
    • Specific Phobias
    • Social Phobia
    • Panic Disorder
    • Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)
    • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
    • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
    • Anxiety-Based Problems Reviewed
  2. Depression and Mood Disorders
    • Introduction
    • The Characteristics of Depression and Mood Disorders
    • The Prevalence of Depression and Mood Disorders
    • The Aetiology of Depression and Mood Disorders
    • The Treatment of Depression and Mood Disorders
    • Suicide and Deliberate Self-Harm
    • Depression and Mood Disorders Reviewed
  3. Experiencing Psychosis: Schizophrenia and its Symptoms
    • Introduction
    • History of Schizophrenia as a Diagnostic Category
    • The Nature of Psychotic Symptoms
    • The Prevalence of Schizophrenia
    • The Course of Psychotic Symptoms
    • The Aetiology of Psychotic Symptoms
    • The Treatment of Psychosis
    • Experiencing Psychosis Reviewed
  4. Substance Abuse and Dependency
    • Introduction
    • Defining and Diagnosing Substance Abuse and Dependency
    • The Prevalence and Comorbidity of Substance Use Disorders
    • Characteristics of Specific Substance Use Disorders
    • The Aetiology of Substance Abuse and Dependency
    • The Treatment of Substance Abuse and Dependency
    • Substance Abuse and Dependency Reviewed
  5. Eating Disorders
    • Introduction
    • Diagnosis and Prevalence
    • Historical and Cultural Issues
    • The Aetiology of Eating Disorders
    • The Treatment of Eating Disorders
    • Eating Disorders Reviewed
  6. Sexual and Gender Identity Problems
    • Introduction
    • Defining Pathological Sexual Behaviour
    • Sexual Dysfunctions
    • Paraphilias
    • Gender Identity Disorders
    • Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders Reviewed
  7. Personality Disorders
    • Introduction
    • The Diagnosis of Personality Disorders
    • The Prevalence of Personality Disorders
    • The Aetiology of Personality Disorders
    • Treating People with a Diagnosis of Personality Disorder
    • Personality Disorders Reviewed
  8. Somatoform Disorders
    • Introduction
    • The Diagnosis and Characteristics of Individual Somatoform Disorders
    • The Aetiology of Somatoform Disorders
    • The Treatment of Somatoform Disorders
    • Somatoform Disorders Reviewed
  9. Dissociative Experiences
    • Introduction
    • The Diagnosis and Characteristics of Dissociative Disorders
    • The Aetiology of Dissociative Disorders
    • The Treatment of Dissociative Disorders
    • Dissociative Disorders Reviewed
  10. Neurological Disorders
    • Introduction
    • The Diagnosis and Assessment of Neurological Disorders
    • Types of Neurological Disorder
    • Treatment and Rehabilitation for Neurological Disorders
    • Neurological Disorders Reviewed

Part III: Developmental Psychopathology

  1. 15 Childhood Psychological Problems
    • Introduction
    • The Diagnosis and Prevalence of Childhood Psychological Problems: Some General Issues
    • Disruptive Behaviour Problems
    • Childhood Anxiety and Depression
    • Symptom-Based Problems of Childhood
    • The Treatment of Childhood Psychological Problems
    • Childhood Psychological Problems Reviewed
  2. Learning, Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
    • Introduction
    • The Categorization and Labelling of Learning Disabilities
    • Specific Learning Disabilities
    • Intellectual Disabilities
    • Pervasive Developmental Disorders
    • Learning, Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Reviewed

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