Third Edition

Further Reading

The best place to begin research and further reading on a specific virus or aspect of a specific virus is in the general reference:

More detailed information and specific recent citations of experimental articles and recent reviews can be found in:

Detailed aspects of pathogenesis of virus infections, again organized as a group of specific reviews by individual experts, is covered in

The Cold Spring Harbor Press publishes many books that contain detailed reviews of many aspects of the molecular biology of viruses and cells. Specific titles of interest to virologists include:

The ASM Press also publishes a large number of books of great use to molecular biologists, biomedical research workers, students, and the like. One recent title that contains chapters covering viruses discussed in this section is the following:

A very thorough (definitive, actually) discussion of the numerous genetic switches occurring during the replication of bacteriophage l and the biochemical basis of these switches can be found in: