The Extinction of Desire
A Tale of Enlightenment

By: Michael Boylan


“In Boylan’s The Extinction of Desire, the everyman Michael O’Meara stumbles upon this game of fate: "What would you do," he first asks us, "if you suddenly became rich?" It is an evocative philosophical tale lived by real people, a romance of chance and disaster felt by those who would understand themselves—if only their hearts beat more slowly. The people of this novel suffer the delights of our quirky capitalist purgatory, learning whether to die from luck, or choose a future.”

David Gewanter, Professor of English, Georgetown University

The Extinction of Desire is a novel that seeks to portray a philosophical depiction of the author’s worldview theory. The use of narrative situates a worldview stance that is rich in empirical detail that contrasts to the abstract depiction of a traditional monograph in philosophy. The aim of this situated presentation is to employ indirect discourse that will appeal to a wider audience than a traditional philosophical presentation. As such, the work belongs in the Blackwell Public Philosophy series that seeks to present thoughtful philosophy to a wider audience.

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About the book

What would you do if you suddenly became rich?
Michael O’Meara had never asked himself this question. A high school history teacher in Maryland, Michael is content to not ask too many questions - until, after a freak accident, he unexpectedly finds himself the beneficiary of a million dollars. As friends, adversaries, and a greedy ex-wife emerge from the background to lay claim to the fortune, Michael finds himself caught up in a number of troubling situations that disrupt his life and leave him questioning everything he had and everything he thought he wanted.

Haplessly swept from the United States and Europe, among international jet setters, the IRA, the Mob, and everyday people, Michael slowly begins to uncover what is truly valuable in life through the teachings of Buddhist philosophy. The Extinction of Desire maps the course of his voyage, blending philosophy and fiction to discover fundamental truths.

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ISBN: 9781405148498

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