Molecular Microbiology 2003, 48 ( 4 ), Parent article DOI: 10.1046/j.1365-2958.2003.03457.x

Supplementary material

The following supplementary material is available for this article:

Table S1. Genes significantly upregulated in a pta ackA mutant compared to an ackA mutant. Download here.

Table S2.  Genes significantly upregulated in an ackA mutant compared to a pta ackA mutant. Download here.

Table S3.  Genes significantly upregulated in both mutants compared to WT. Download here.

Table S4.  Genes significantly downregulated in both mutants compared to WT. Download here.

Fig. S1. (A) A590 for cells wild-type (AJW678; open square), or deficient for either ackA (AJW1939; open circle) or pta ackA (AJW2013; open triangle). Cells were grown without aeration at 37C in TB. (B) Amino acid concentrations in the medium of cells deficient for ackA (AJW1939) or (C) for pta ackA (AJW2013). (closed triangle) L-serine, (closed square) L-aspartate, (open, inverted triangle) L-tryptophan, (open square) L-glycine, (closed, inverted triangle) L-glutamate, (closed circle) L-threonine, (open circle) L-alanine. Amino acids that did not change significantly are not shown. (D) Ammonia concentrations in the medium of cells defective for ackA (AJW1939) (open circle) and pta ackA (AJW2013) (open triangle). Each point represents the mean of duplicate measurements from two independent experiments. The standard errors of the means were less than 20 (moles/L. Download here.

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