The Plant Journal 2004, 42 ( 2 ), Parent article DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-313X.2005.02366.x

Supplementary material

The following supplementary material is available for this article:

Fig. S1. Experimental design for identification of target genes regulated by COR, CFA, CMA, and MeJA. Download here.

Fig. S2. A brief description of the architecture and characteristics of Tom1 microarray. Download here.

Fig. S3.  An image of a Tom1 array hybridized with MeJA-treated tissue. Colors indicate the following: red, induced genes; yellow, genes that show no difference in expression; and green, repressed genes. Download here.

Table S1. Expression profiles of a non-redundant list of genes that are differentially regulated (RG) by COR, CFA, and CMA in tomato tissues. Download here.

Table S2.  Expression profiles of genes belonging to functional groups (chloroplast metabolism, JA biosynthesis, auxin-related, ethylene biosynthesis, pathogenesis-related genes) that are differentially regulated by MeJA, COR, CFA, and CMA. Download here.

Table S3.  Expression profiles of a full list of genes that are differentially regulated (RG) by COR and MeJA in tomato tissues. Download here.

Table S4. The gene description and the expression values for the clustered data in Figure 10(b). Download here.

Table S5. List of primers and the corresponding clones used for RTqPCR analysis. Download here.

Table S6. A gene ID file containing the (a) physical location of the clones, (b) clone ID, and (c) annotation based on best BLAST hit. Download here.

Table S7.  Raw data from COR-treated tissue. Download here.

Table S8.  Raw data from CFA-treated tissue. Download here.

Table S9.  Raw data from CMA-treated tissue. Download here.

Table S10.  Raw data from MeJA-treated tissue. Download here.

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