The Plant Journal 2004, 39 ( 1 ), Parent article DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-313X.2004.02107.x

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Figure S1  Validation of the custom-made cDNA array. Expression of four randomly selected genes (a-d) was analyzed by two different methods; the cDNA array analysis and the RNA gel blot analysis in 22 different samples. The data points corresponding to the different samples have been arbitrarily connected with a line to emphasize the differences between the different methods. Y-scales were adjusted arbitrarily for every plot since they were different for the two methods due to different normalization procedures (based on expression of 18S RNA for the RNA gel blot analysis, and expression of ACT2 and ACT8 for the cDNA array analysis). The comparison reflects variation between the two methods resulting both from the hybridization and from the normalization procedures. The genes are ACS6 (a), ATERF1 (b), CHIB (c) and AOS (d). (e) Linear regression curve is shown for every data value obtained from the cDNA array analysis and exceeding the numerical value of 0.001 (n=1495) plotted against its duplicate value. The duplicate values were obtained from two separate hybridization events and from two different membranes. The figure shows the 3-fold cut off limits (y=3x, y=x/3) as calculated by SigmaPlot (SPSS Inc., AC Gorinchem, The Netherlands). Download here.

Table S1  The list of the cDNA clones used in the custom-made cDNA array and the raw data. Download here.

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