The Plant Journal 2004, 37 ( 2 ), Parent article DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-313X.2004.01983.x

Supplementary material

The following supplementary material is available for this article:

Fig. S1. The full-length cDNA (upper row) and amino acid (lower row) sequences of CyAG gene. For the amino acid sequence of CyAG, the MADS-box is shown in bold letters, I-domain is shown by italic letters, K domain is boxed, and the rest is the C-terminal. For cDNA sequence, the translation stop codon is indicated by an asterisk, and the polyA signal (TATAA) is underlined. The primers (AG1F/AG1R, AG2F/AG2R, AG3F/AG3R, and AG4F/AG4R) designed for cloning the introns of CyAG gene are underlined with arrows indicating their directions. The primers AG4F/AG4R were used to synthesize the 3' CyAG-specific probe for genomic DNA and RNA blot analyses. Download here.

Fig. S2. Phylogenetic tree of plant MADS-box proteins (MIK region) in the AGAMOUS, DEFICIENS (DEF) and SQUAMOSA (SQUA) subfamilies. A single most parsimonious tree was obtained. Bootstrap values for 100 replicates that are above 50% are shown at the branches. Download here.

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