Journal of Applied Ecology 2005, 41 ( 6 ), Parent article DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2664.2004.00966.x

Supplementary material

The following supplementary material is available for this article:

Appendix S1. Annual sandeel landings from the industrial fishery in ICES squares 41E7 and 41E8. Download here.

Appendix S2. List of factors and covariates used as predictors in the analysis of survival and resighting probabilities, and the subscripts used to identify them. Download here.

Appendix S3. Details of the stochastic matrix model. Download here.

Appendix S4. The correlation between kittiwake survival and breeding success in the following season. Download here.

Appendix S5. Predicted population growth of Isle of May kittiwakes 20002010 under various scenarios. Download here.

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