Ecology Letters 2004, 7 ( 4 ), Parent article DOI: 10.1046/j.1461-0248.2004.00576.x

Supplementary material

The following supplementary material is available for this article:

Fig. S1. Phytotoxic effect of 8-hydroxyquinoline on seedlings of C. maclosa and A. repens on 14th day. Download here.

Fig. S2. Antibacterial activity of 8-hydroxyquinoline on different bacterial pathogens.Download here.

Fig. S3. Effect of low concentration of 8-hydroxyquinoline found in Eurasian soil to the rihizosphere of natural populations of two North American natives (Artemesia tridantata and A. millefolium), and C.diffusa. Download here.

Table S1. Antifungal activity of 8-hydroxyquinoline against various plant pathogens.Download here.

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