Figure 19.13   Block diagrams showing typical trace fossils of the major ichnofacies: (a) Nereites ichnofacies, viewed as molds on a turbidite bed bottom; (b) Zoophycos ichnofacies;. (c) Cruziana ichnofacies; (d) Skolithos ichnofacies; (e) Psilonichnus ichnofacies; (f) Scoyenia ichnofacies; (g) Glossifungites ichnofacies; (h) Trypanites ichnofacies; and (i) Teredolites ichnofacies, characterized by vertical bulbous burrows of bivalves (Teredolites) and subhorizontal burrows. (Based on Ekdale et al. 1984; Frey et al. 1990, and other sources.)

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