Figure 19.12   The major ichnofacies, and their typical positions in a hypothetical diagram of marine and continental environments. Typical offshore marine soft-sediment ichnofacies, from deep oceanic and basinal locations to the intertidal zone, include the Nereites (N), Skolithos (Sk), Zoophycos (Z) and Cruziana (Cr) ichnofacies, which may occur in various water depths and in different conditions of sedimentation. A storm-sand fan and a turbidite fan are indicated. The Psilonichnus (Ps) ichnofacies occurs in supratidal marshes and the Scoyenia (Sc) ichnofacies includes all lacustrine and related continental settings. The Glossifungites (G) ichnofacies is typical of fi rmgrounds, the Trypanites (Tr) ichnofacies consists of borings in limestone, and the Teredolites (Te) ichnofacies consists of borings in wood. (Modifi ed from Frey et al. 1990, and other sources.)

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