Figure 17.4   Measuring the growth rate of a sauropod dinosaur. (a) Cross-section through the bone wall of the femur of the sauropod Janenschia from the Late Jurassic of Tanzania; the animal was full grown and the femur was 1.27 m long. The section was made by drilling into the bone and extracting a core that was then cut through; the center of the bone is to the left, the outside to the right. Lines of arrested growth are the darker bands, where the bone structure is tighter, indicating a slow-down in growth. These are marked off with tick marks on the side of the slide. (b) Growth curve for the sauropod Apatosaurus based on sections from the limb bones and ribs of several individuals, juveniles and adults, showing how the animal reached adult size with a spurt of growth from years 5 to 12. (Courtesy of Martin Sander and Greg Erickson.)

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