Figure 17.16   Diverse laurasiatherians: (a) the Eocene bat Icaronycteris; (b) the small four-toed artiodactyl Messelobunodon, showing the complete skeleton and a mass of chopped plant material in the stomach area, from the oil shale deposit of Messel, Germany; (c) the Pleistocene giant Irish deer Megaloceros; (d) the middle Eocene whale Ambulocetus; (e) the late Eocene whale Basilosaurus; (f) the Miocene horse Neohipparion; (g) the Pleistocene sabre-toothed cat Smilodon; (h) the Eocene dog Hesperocyon; and (i) the Miocene “seal” Allodesmus. (a, based on Jepsen 1970; b, courtesy of Jens Franzen; c, e–i, based on Gregory 1951; d, based on Thewissen et al. 1994.)

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