Figure 5.5   Phyletic gradualism and speciation in the planktonic diatom Rhizosolenia. Today there are two distinct species, R. bergonii and R. praebergonii, that do not interbreed and that differ in the height of the hyaline area. When tracked back through the past 3.4 myr, the species can be seen to have diverged through a span of up to 500,000 years, from 3.2 to 2.7 Ma. The plot shows samples taken from deep-sea boreholes in the central Pacifi c, and each measurement of the height of the hyaline area is based on a large sample of hundreds of individuals; the means and 95% error bars for each sample are shown. The rock succession is dated by reference to the magnetostratigraphic scheme of normal (black) and reversed (white) polarity. (Courtesy of Ulf Sorhannus.)

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