Figure 4.19   Selection of fossils from ancient hydrothermal vent sites. All specimens are pyritized and are contained within a matrix of sulfi de minerals. (a) Gastropod: Francisciconcha maslennikovi from the Lower Jurassic Figueroa sulfi de deposit, California. (b) Small worm tubes from the Upper Cretaceous Memi sulfi de deposit, Cyprus. (c) Bivalve: Sibaya ivanovi from the Middle Devonian Sibay sulfi de deposit, Russia. (d, e) From the Lower Silurian Yaman Kasy sulfi de deposit, Russia: (d) monoplacophoran, Themoconus shadlunae and (e) vestimentiferan worm tube, Yamankasia rifeia. Scale bars: 5 mm (a, b), 20 mm (ce). (Courtesy of Crispin Little.)

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