Figure 4.10   Trophic groups, activity of members and their life sites. 1, Primary producers: phytoplankton in surface waters with (a) cyanobacteria and (b) benthic algae. 2, Herbivores: browsing and grazing gastropods. 3, Deposit feeders: (a) deposit-feeding gastropod and (b) shallow infaunal bivalve. 4, Suspension feeders: (a) semi-infaunal, byssally-attached bivalve, (b) shallow infaunal bivalve, (c) crinoid, (d) epifaunal bivalve, and (e) deep infaunal bivalve. 5, Carnivores: (a) nektonic fi shes, (b) nekton-benthic fi shes, (c) epifaunal gastropod, and (d) infaunal gastropod. (From Brenchley & Harper 1998.)

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