Figure 2.16   Changing ideas on the development of the Early Paleozoic Iapetus Ocean and its faunas: (a, c, d) paleogeographic reconstructions; (b) the mobility of organisms across a closing ocean; (e) a cluster analysis of the Iapetus and related Early Ordovician brachiopod faunas (tinted blocks in descending order indicate low-latitude, highlatitude, low-latitude marginal and high-latitude marginal provinces); and (f) the possible movement of the Precordilleran terrane in three stages, 13. A dataset of early Ordovician brachiopod distribution across the Iapetus terranes is available at These data may be analyzed and manipulated using a range of multivariate techniques including cluster analysis (see also Hammer & Harper 2005). (ad, from Harper, D.A.T. 1992. Terra Nova 4; f, based on Finney 2007.)

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