Figure 2.10   Sequences, system tracts and stratigraphic surfaces defi ned in relation to base level and transgression–regression curves: (a) stratal architecture across a non-marine to marine transect is related to (b) sequence stratigraphies in the nonmarine and marine parts of the transect. (A), positive accommodation (base level rise); BSFR, basal surface of forced regression; c.c., correlative conformity; c.u., coarsening upward; DS, depositional sequence; FR, forced regression; FSST, falling stage systems tract; f.u., fi ning upward; GS, genetic stratigraphic sequence; HST, highstand systems tract; IV, incised valley; LST, lowstand systems tract; MFS, maximum fl ooding surface; MRS, maximum regressive surface; NR, normal regression; R, ravinement surface; RST, regressive systems tract; SU, subaerial unconformity; TR, transgressive–regressive sequence; TST, transgressive systems tract. (Based on Catuneanu, O. 2002. J. African Earth Sci. 35.)

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