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Reviews and Foreword

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From the Foreword by Lynn Margulis, University of Massachusetts

“A thorough read of Microbial Diversity will alter our world view … The fundamental lesson of this book turns our cultural myths inside out … In Ogunseitan's learned tome the crucial importance of bacterial life to our environment is laid bare at a sobering level of scholarship.”

To view Lynn Margulis' Foreword, please click here (PDF, 78KB).

"Microbial Diversity is an excellent introduction to its subject, heralding a revolution now begun in microbiology and ecology."

Edward O. Wilson, University Professor Emeritus, Harvard University

Microbial Diversity is a text that has been needed for years. The scholarly approach to this exciting and current topic by Oladele Ogunseitan fills a real void in the microbiological literature and will be appreciated by students and professional scientists, both in academia and industry. Get ready for an exciting ride into what most people consider the microbiological unknown.”

Arnold Demain, MIT Rise Fellow, Drew University

“Dramatic advances in molecular biology, bioinformatics, ecology and environmental engineering have left an indelible mark on today's microbiology. This book utilizes the influx of these fields to guide readers through the most relevant topics of modern microbiology, providing the solid background information needed to appreciate microbial diversity.”

Christoph Tebbe, Federal Agricultural Research Centre and University of Braunschweig