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Betty Kirkwood

Betty Kirkwood is an epidemiologist with a statistical background. She has worked at the London School of Hygeiene and Tropical Medicine since 1979. In 1988 she set up the Maternal and Child Epidemiology Unit and in 2001 the Public Health Intervention Research Unit. Betty enjoys teaching and believes in a student-centred, problem-based approach. She is committed to making complex methodological concepts accessible to non-specialists.

Betty's main current interests are in: strategies to improve children's vitamin A status; vitamin A supplementation and maternal mortality; interventions to enhance child health through improving health provider performance and/or appropriate care-seeking behaviour; IMCI (integrated management of childhood illnesses); neonatal health; issues in the evaluation of community-based interventions; methodological issues in the design and analysis of epidemiological studies in developing countries; integration of anthropological and epidemiological approaches in field studies. Much of her research is conducted in partnership with the Kintampo Health Research Centre, Ministry of Health, Ghana. She also has close collaborative links with Brazil, Mexico, Peru, India and the Child and Adolescent Health and Development Division at WHO.

Jonathan Sterne

Jonathan Sterne is Reader in Medical Statistics and Epidemiology in the University of Bristol Department of Social Medicine, UK. He started work in a dental research unit, where he did his PhD. During six years at the London School of Hygiene he worked on a large longitudinal study of leprosy, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS in Malawi, and developed his interest in the teaching of medical statistics. He also met Betty Kirkwood. After three years at King's College London, working on studies of asthma and allergic disease, he moved to his current department in Bristol. His research interests include statistical methods for epidemiology: particular long term studies of risk factors for chronic disease, meta-analysis and systematic reviews, the epidemiology of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, and the epidemiology of asthma and allergic diseases.


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