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Rabies neutralizing antibody in AIDS patients after rabies post-exposure treatment with doubling the intramuscular doses of conventional regimen and aluminium-adjuvanted tetanus toxoid
Tantawichien T., Jaijaroensup W., Khawplod P., Thisyakorn U., Sitprija V.
Rabies vaccine: Acomparative study on adverse events of four 0.1ml intradermal booster doses on day0 with conventional booster vaccination
Tantawichien T., Benjawongkulchai M., Tantawichien T.
Raman spectroscopy to determine endogenous or exogenous Staphylococcus aureus surgical-site infection of dermatology patients
te Witt R., Hopman E., Munte K., Willemse-Erix D., Puppels G., Maquelin K., van Leeuwen W., van Belkum A.
Randomized trial of cranberry juice for the prevention of recurrences of urinary tract infections in children
Salo J., Kontiokari T., Helminen M., Korppi M., Nieminen T., Pokka T., Uhari M.
Ranking the pathogens: a competing-risks model on the effect of ICU-acquired bacteraemia with different pathogens on ICU mortality
de Regt M.J., de Smet A.M., Willems R., Bonten M.
Rapid and accurate identification of clinical Campylobacter jejuni and Campylobacter coli isolates with MALDITOFMS
Leitner E., Keimel M., Feierl G., Grisold A.J., Masoud L., Posch J., Wagner-Eibel U., Zarfel G., Marth E.
Rapid and effective routine typing of Clostridium difficile isolates in a hospital setting using the repetitive sequence-based polymerase chain reaction DiversiLab system
Khan I., Garcia Arias V., Laughlin J.
Rapid and sensitive detection of viral infection and co-infections in upper respiratory tract of patients with flu-like illness symptoms using PCR DNA microarray systems
Rapid detection and identification of fungal pathogens by rolling circle amplification using Fonsecaea as a model
Rapid detection of ciprofloxacin resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis clinical isolates by two colorimetric assays
Rapid detection of extended-spectrum lactamase producing bacteria by means of flow cytometry
Rapid detection of MRSA in screening specimens during a hospital outbreak
Blanc D.S., Nahimana Tessemo I., Jaton-Ogay K., Zanetti G.
Rapid detection of pathogens in sepsis: molecular techniques versus culture
Vandenbroucke-Grauls C.
Rapid detection of Staphylococcus aureus from blood culture with SaSelect or MRSASelect
Rapid detection of Staphylococcus aureus strains with reduced susceptibility to vancomycin by isothermal microcalorimetry
Rapid detection of vancomycin-resistant enterococci from rectal swabs by the Cepheid Xpert vanA/vanB assay
Bourdon N., Bérenger R., Mouet A., Lesteven C., Borgey F., Fines-Guyon M., Leclercq R., Cattoir V.
Rapid identification and antimicrobial susceptibility testing of bacterial strains from positive blood cultures with combination system Bactec/SST/Phoenix
Kowalska-Krochmal B., Dolna I., Szkarlat A., Wrzyszcz E., Balicka S.
Rapid identification of bacteria from positive blood culture bottles by MALDITOFMS fingerprinting
Christner M., Rohde H., Wolters M., Sobottka I., Wegscheider K., Aepfelbacher M.
Rapid identification of Beijing Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains by high-resolution melting analysis
Navarro Y., Alonso M., Barletta F., Martinez Lirola M., Gotuzzo E., Bouza E., García de Viedma D.
Rapid identification of coagulase negative staphylococci by MALDITOFMS in a clinical lab
Rosseel P., Wybo I., Vandoorslaer K., Roebben E., Van Cauwenbergh I., De Bel A., Lauwers S.
Rapid identification using MALDITOFMS for routine bacterial identification
Bocher S., Abdul-Redha R.
Rapid increase of antimicrobial-resistant Gram-negative pathogens in Europe
Roede B.M., Monen J., van de Sande-Bruinsma N., de Kraker M., Grundmann H.
Rapid molecular screening for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus among intensive care unit-admitted patients: preliminary results
Rapid same-day identification of 69% of bacteria and yeast from positive blood culture bottles using five PNA FISH fluorescence in situ hybridization probes
Hansen D.S., Leerbeck L., Kofod H., Bruun B.
Rapid simultaneous detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Beijing/W genotype directly from clinical respiratory specimens
Rapid species identification and differentiation of Arcobacter, Helicobacter and Campylobacter by MALDITOFMS analysis and its clinical application
Alispahic M., Hummel K., Jandreski-Cvetkovic D., Nöbauer K., Razzazi-Fazeli E., Hess M., Hess C.
Rare occurrence of carbapenem-resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates carrying VIM2 metallo-lactamase
Rational design of colistin and ciprofloxacin combination regimens against Pseudomonas aeruginosa using mechanism-based models
Bulitta J.B., Forrest A., Poudyal A., Yu H., Owen R., Li J., Tsuji B., Nation R.
Rationale for the therapeutic dose selection of oral torezolid phosphate in complicated skin infections
Bien P., Bartizal K., Louie A., Drusano G., Prokocimer P.
Rationale of combined antibiotic therapy derived from invitro PK/PD studies: role of treatment duration simulated in a dynamic model
Zinner S., Smirnova M., Strukova E., Portnoy Y., Firsov A.
Real-life comparison of empirical and prophylactic antifungal strategies in high-risk AML patients at a tertiary cancer centre
Real-time monitoring and fine tuning of joint (PCT acute hospital) Clostridium difficile infections containment programme: common root cause analysis of CDI in the community and hospital the missing link
Kato R., Maitland I., Ibeto M., Qulaghassi M., Guleri A.
Real-time PCR analyses of ramA expression in tigecycline non-susceptible isolates
Real-time PCR demonstrates the inhibitory activity of probiotic soluble fractions on Staphylococcus aureus quorum-sensing genes expression
Real-time PCR for broad detection of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex and medically important atypical mycobacteria
Abdeldaim G., Carl-Johan R., Svensson E., Kirsebom L., Blomberg J., Herrmann B.
Real-time PCR seems to be not superior to blood cultures during the treatment course of infective endocarditis in anticipating valves sterilization
Fanourgiakis P., Kraniotaki E., Platsouka E., Perivolioti E., Katsimpoulas M., Gikas E., Tsarbopoulos A., Skoutelis A., Paniara O.
Real-time, random access detection of influenzaA/B and RSVA/B in respiratory specimens using nanoparticle probes
Reassessment of conventional identification of clinical non-fermenting isolates excluding Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Stenotrophomonas maltophilia from cystic fibrosis patients using the MALDITOF system
Fernandez-Olmos A., García-Castillo M., Morosini M.I., Lamas A., Máiz L., Cantón R.
Recent emergence of tularaemia in the region of Burgundy (France): usefulness of real-time PCR for diagnosis of atypical presentations
Mahy S., Roch N., Duong M., Grappin M., Maurin M.
Recent epidemic emergence of blaNDM1 metallo-lactamase in enteric organisms from India is mostly linked to A/C plasmids
Toleman M., Karthikeyan K., Sharma M., Chaudhary U., Thirunarayan M., Krishnan P., Walsh T.
Recent results with voriconazole prophylaxis
Kibbler C.
Receptor for advanced glycation end-products is protective during murine tuberculosis
van Zoelen M.A.D., Wieland C.W., van der Windt G., Braun-Pater J.M., Florquin S., Nawroth P.P., Bierhaus A., van der Poll T.
Recombinant groupB streptococcal peptides as protection against broad range of pathogens
Suvorov A.N., Leontieva G.F., Grudinin M., Stukova M., Shaldzhyan A., Romanko E., Grabovskaya K., Meringova L., Koroleva I., Duplik N., Korjueva A., Gupalova T., Totolian A., Kiselev O.
Recombinant mammalian cell derived hepatitisC virus-like particles induce neutralizing antibody responses to hepatitisC virus
Johnson D.F., Chin R., Earnest-Silveira L., Zentgraf H., Bock T., Chua B., Jackson D.C., Torresi J.
Recommendations for diagnosis and treatment of Lyme borreliosis: acomparison of guidelines and consensus papers from specialist societies and expert groups in Europe and North America
Rectal Chlamydia, an underdiagnosed infection in men who have sex with men
Loy A., Kelleher M., Lyons F., Mulcahy F.
Reduced IgG antibody avidity in organ transplant recipients after varicella-zoster-virus vaccination
Prelog M., Schönlaub J., Zlamy M., Zimmerhackl L., Würzner R.
Reducing paediatric blood culture contaminants
Reducing surgical site infection rates in orthopaedic implant surgery: results of a 6year infection control programme
Finkelstein R., Eluk O., Mashiach T., Levin D., Peskin B., Nirenberg G., Karkabi S., Soudry M.
Reduction in ciprofloxacin use in a university hospital correlates with increased susceptibility to both quinolone and lactam antibiotics in Gram-negative organisms
Troughton J., Millar G., Smyth E., McMullan R.
Reduction of bacterial resistance by 15th month replacement of third-generation cephalosporins with fourth-generation cephalosporin
Re-emergence of infectious syphilis among homosexual men and HIV co-infection in Spain, 20032008
Regional surveillance of MRSA and benchmarking in the EUREGIO MRSA net-project
Jurke A., Köck R., Daniels-Haardt I., Friedrich A.W.
Relation between 20-kDa polysaccharide and polysaccharide intercellular adhesin of Staphylococcus epidermidis
Spiliopoulou A., Kolonitsiou F., Krevvata M.I., Karamanos N.K., Dimitracopoulos G., Harris L.G., Wilkinson T.S., Davies A.P., Mack D., Anastassiou E.D.
Relation between E6/E7 transcripts expression and clinical and viro-immunolgical parameters in HIV/HPV co-infected women
Orlando G., Fasolo M., Casolati E., Gismondo M.R., Antonacci C., Mazza F., Rimoldi S., Omodeo Zorini E., Beretta R., Pileri P., Pagano F., Agarossi A., Zanchetta N.
Relationship of viral load EpsteinBarr virus as a marker predictive lymphoproliferative disease after liver transplant
Hernandez J., Nava M., Casasola J., Arellano J., Farfan R.
Relative lymphopenia is not useful in selecting patients for testing for influenzaA virus H1N1
O'Connell K.J., Bergin S., Hanahoe B., Faherty C., Cormican M.
Relevance of mucosal surveillance cultures in predicting Gram-negative sepsis in neonatal intensive care units
Parm Ü., Sepp E., Metsvaht T., Ilmoja M., Pruunsild K., Maipuu L., Pauskar M., Lutsar I.
Relevance of PCR-based pathogen detection assay in critically ill patients
Sachse S., Bloos F., Kortgen A., Schmidt K.H., Lehmann M., Bauer M., Reinhart K., Straube E.
Relevance, occurrence and significance of positive Aspergillus cultures: aprospective study in adult liver transplant recipients in an intensive care unit
Cuétara M.S., Alvarez M.E., Alhambra A., Catalán M., Montejo J.C., Pontón J., del Palacio A.
Report of linezolid resistance from the Zyvox Annual Appraisal of Potency and Spectrum Programme (Europe, Latin America, Asia-Pacific)
Ross J., Jones R., Sader H., Uchino U., Ikeda F., Fukui Y., Kobayashi I.
Resistance in agents of hospital-acquired respiratory infection in the United Kingdom and Ireland, 20082009
Reynolds R., Morrissey I., Hope R.
Resistance of airborne hospital Staphylococcus strains in St.Petersburg
Goik V., Kozlova N., Barantsevich E., Barantsevich N., Schlyakhto E.
Resistance of staphylococci isolated from infected hip arthroplasties in Norway
Lutro O., Langvatn H., Schrama J., Hallan G., Dale H., Espehaug B., Sjursen H., Engesæter L.
Resistance patterns of selected respiratory tract pathogens in Poland (continuation of the Alexander Project)
Wasko I., Skoczynska A., Kuch A., Golebiewska A., Forys M., Hryniewicz W.
Resistance proportion, incidence density and the number of isolation days where lies the real burden of MRSA?
Kaier K., Babikir R., Dettenkofer M., Frank U., Kist M., Schneider C., Conrad A.
Resistance rates of Campylobacterspp. and Yersinia enterocolitica human isolates. A3year study from Crete, Greece
Resistance to antimicrobials for veterinary or human use among S.aureus isolated from cows with clinical mastitis in central Italy
Resistance to colistin associated with mutations in pmrB in Acinetobacter baumannii and its effect on virulence and bacterial fitness
López-Rojas R., Domínguez-Herrera J., McConnell M.J., Docobo-Pérez F., Smani Y., Pachón J.
Resistance to macrolides and licosamides. Comparison of ICR test from Vitek-2C AST-577 card to Dtest
Respective contribution of PatA/PatB and PmrA in fluoroquinolone resistance in clinical isolates of Streptococcus pneumoniae
Response of Staphylococcus epidermidis biofilms cells to the effect of farnesol
Leite B., Gomes F., Teixeira P., Souza C., Pizzolitto E., Oliveira R.
Results of the Finnish national resistance surveillance FiRe network from 1996 to 2008
Bergman M., Nissinen A., Huovinen P., Hakanen A.
Retrospective analysis of invasive aspergillosis in haemato-oncological department, 20052008
Retrospective study of increasing incidence of acute hepatitisA in Area 2 of Madrid. A report from the microbiology department at a university hospital, Madrid, Spain
Moreno  M., Pérez Pérez A., Martínez M., Agudo S., López-Brea M., Casal C.
Reversal of methicillin resistance in Staphylococcus aureus by thioridzine: a universal phenomenon?
Rhodococcus equi infections among hospitalized HIV-infected patients in a new infectious disease centre in Malaysia: a2year analysis
Adnan A., Mohd Nor F., Leong C., Abdul Wahab Z.
Ribotyping and further subtyping of isolates from Clostridium difficile infection in a UK teaching hospital is effective in analysing transmission and assessing impact of enhanced measures to control spread
Jones G., Sutton J.K., Green S.
Rickettsia hoogstraalii-like organism in the soft tick, Ornithodoros moubata
Rifampin protects human lung epithelial cells against resistant Acinetobacter baumannii clinical isolates pathogenesis
Smani Y., Domínguez-Herrera J., López-Rojas R., McConnell M.J., Docobo-Pérez F., Pachón J.
RIFLE classification as predictive factor of 7day mortality in severe sepsis patients
Park D.W., Chun B.C., Sohn J.W., Cheong H.J., Choi J.Y., Choi H.J., Choi Y.H., Kim H.Y., Eom J.S., Kim S.I., Song Y.G., Peck K.R., Kim Y.S., Kim J.M., Kim M.J.
Rising incidence and persistently high mortality of bacteraemia: a15-year population-based study in Denmark
Søgaard M., Nørgaard M., Mortensen L., Schønheyder H.C.
Risk factors and attributable mortality in patients with nosocomial methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus bacteraemia
Chen Y.Y., McDonald L.C., Wang F-D., Chen C.S., Chen I.H.
Risk factors and outcome of Clostridium difficile infection due to the four predominant PCR-ribotypes in the Netherlands
Goorhuis A., van Kinschot C., Harmanus C., van Benthem B.H., Notermans D.W., Kuijper E.J.
Risk factors and pathological correlations in severe courses of hantavirus infections in Germany
Krautkramer E., Grouls S., Schnitzler P., Zeier M.
Risk factors and the incidence of candidaemia in the intensive care unit: a 5year cross-sectional study
Risk factors associated with Clostridium difficile infection in hospitalized patients with hospital-onset healthcare facility-associated Clostridium difficile infection
Emons M.F., Nathanson B.H., Yu H.T., Haidar T., Alemao E., Gardiner D., Spoeri R.K.
Risk factors associated with inadequate initial empirical antibiotic therapy for nosocomial Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteraemia in non-haematologic patients
Chang H.H., Jung S., Kim S.W., Park K.H., Lee J.M., Kim N.
Risk factors for acquisition of multidrug-resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa in patients with haematological malignancies
Liew Y.X., Lee W., Tan T.T., Ng J.L., Kwa A.L.
Risk factors for endemic Clostridium difficile infections in an academic hospital in the Netherlands
Hensgens M., Goorhuis A., van Kinschot C., Crobach M.J., Kuijper E.J.
Risk factors for intestinal carriage of Enterobacteriaceae with extended-spectrum lactamase-producing phenotype on a medical ward
Lupse M., Flonta M., Moisuc A., Seiceanu A., Maricoiu M., Muresan S., Horvath M., Tomescu S., Dicea A.
Risk factors for microbiological contamination in allografts
Mirabet V., Ocete M.D., Solves P., Villamayor L., Calabuig M., Larrea L., Tormo N., Roig R., Gimeno C.
Risk factors for mortality of central nervous system cryptococcosis in patients with AIDS
Risk factors for MRSA carriage at admission to rehabilitation centres
Risk factors for Pneumocystis jirovecii pneumonia in kidney transplant recipients and appraisal of strategies for selective use of prophylaxis
Risk factors for precocious mechanical ventilation in pneumococcal meningitis: a 12-year experience
Pagliano P., Attanasio V., Rossi M., Fraganza F., Esposito G., Conte M., Faella F.
Risk factors for prolonged fever in patients with scrub typhus
Kim Y.S., Park S.
Risk factors for the acquisition of VRE in a German university hospital
Kola A., Hoffmann I., Sohr D., Chaberny I., Suerbaum S., Gastmeier P.
Risk factors of atherosclerotic plaque measured by carotid Doppler ultrasonography in HIV-infected Koreans receiving antiretroviral treatment
Baek J., Han S., Chin B., Choi H.K., Shin S.Y., Chae Y., Jin S., Kim Y.K., Kim C.O., Choi J.Y., Song Y.G., Lee H.C., Kim J.
Risk factors of death among hospitalized patients with tuberculosis: a report from Iran
Tabarsi P., Baghaei P., Marjani M., Shamai M., Varahram F., Mansouri D., Masjedi M., Velayati A.
Risk of acquiring multidrug-resistant Gram-negative bacilli from prior room occupants
Nseir S., Blazejewski C., Lubret R., Durocher A.
Role of atypical pathogens in hospitalized adults with community-acquired pneumonia
Ratchina S., Shal E., Kozlov R., Kretchikova O., Ivanchik N., Ustjuzhanin I., Yatsyshina S., Astakhova T., Kondratieva T., Beykin Ya., Besedina L.
Role of biotic interactions in microbial adaptation
Miskinyte M., Magalhaes S., Gordo I.
Role of EspFu/Tccp in the establishment of the attaching and effacing lesion caused by atypical enteropathogenic Escherichia coli displaying different interactions with epithelial cells invitro
Rocha S., Abe C., Bando S., Sperandio V., Elias W.
Role of leukotrienes in resistance and susceptibility to infection by Histoplasma capsulatum
Secatto A., Soares E., Medeiros A., Faccioli L.
Role of pharmacokinetics in early stages of antimicrobial development
Theuretzbacher U.
Role of the interferon-gamma assay in the diagnosis of active tuberculosis
Losi M., Fabio A., Meacci M., Luppi F., D'Amico R., Del Giovane C., Roversi P., Apice M., Meccugni B., Fabbri L.M., Richeldi L., Rumpianesi F.
Role of toxR on survival strategies of Vibrio cholerae O1 El Tor
Valeru S., Abd H., Sandström G.
Routine non-tuberculous mycobacteria detection and molecular identification, Athens, Greece, 20052009
Nikolaou S., Papaventsis D., Karabela S., Ioannidis P., Sainti A., Konstantinidou E., Marinou I., Kanavaki S.