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Quality management of Streptococcus pyogenes detection by Gen-Probe in a regional hospital
Rennie R., Bennett T., Juraville S.
Quantification of CMV DNA in plasma by real-time PCR for management of allogenic stem cell transplant recipients
Cardeñoso L., Agudo S., Moreno M.J., Rodrigo S., Muñoz O., Rivera V., López-Brea M.
Quantification of PVL production by PVL-MRSA isolated in England and Wales
Boakes E., Kearns A.M., Badiou C., Ratat C., Leportier M., Lina G., Hill R., Ellington M.J.
Quantifying use of alcohol handrub and soap by non-healthcare workers in hand hygiene intervention studies
Savage J., Fuller C., Besser S., Stone S.P.
Quantitative evaluation of Clostridium difficile and intestinal lactobacilli in patients with antibiotic associated diarrhoea
Smidt I., Sepp E., Rätsep M., Kõljalg S., Lõivukene K., Löhr I.H., Natås O., Mändar R., Naaber P.
Quantitative HHV-6B antigenemia test for the monitoring of transplant patients
Loginov R., Karlsson T., Höckerstedt K., Ablashi D., Lautenschlager I.
Quantitative real-time PCR may be the only diagnostic tool for chronic brucellosis patients
Navarro E., Castaño Aroca M.J., Pescador E., Muñoz M.D., Solera J.
Quantitative real-time PCR measurement of the impact of fidaxomicin or vancomycin treatment of Clostridium difficile infection on the intestinal microbiome, compared with normal controls
Quinolone resistance mechanisms in Escherichia coli isolated from children (with or without diarrhoea) under 1 year in Lima, Peru
Quinolones induce a decrease in kidney colonization of uropathogenic Escherichia coli associated with a decrease in Pfimbria production
Soto S., Frimodt-Møller N., Vila J.