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H1N1 influenza virus infection in north-Western Spain, summer 2009
Fernandez J., Perez S., Torres J., Touza O., Martinez E., Lopez I.
Haematological toxicity secondary to parenteral sodium stibogluconate in the treatment of New World cutanous leishmaniasis
Hand hygiene compliance in 13 European intensive care units
Derde L., Brun-Buisson C., Bonten M.
Hand hygiene in paediatric and neonatological intensive care unit patients: determination of daily indications and indication and profession-specific analysis of the compliance
Scheithauer S., Oude-Aost J., Schwanz T., Heimann K., Haefner H., Waitschies B., Orlikowsky T., Lemmen S.
Hand hygiene promotion worldwide: strategies and achievements of the WHO First Global Patient Safety Challenge
Allegranzi B., Kilpatrick C., Graafmans W., Bagheri Nejad S., Chraïti M., Mathai E., Richet H., Pittet D.
Hand-hygiene champion junior doctor picks up the gauntlet: a randomized prospective study of 2,500 minutes of hand hygiene audit conducted by 17 junior doctors in a large district hospital of northwest England
Przybylo M., Qulaghassi M., Guleri A.
HBV infection in immigrant population in Barcelona, Spain. Immune tolerant phase and description of an atypical serological pattern
Dopico E., Grenzner E., Ros J., Guerrero L., Castro E., Hernández L., Vinuesa T.
HBV-DNA presence in cord blood does not reduce the efficacy of the immunoprophylaxis schedule in neonates of HBeAg-negative chronic HBV-infected women
Elefsiniotis I., Papadakis M., Vlachos G., Vezali E., Mihas C., Saroglou G., Antsaklis A.
Healthcare-associated infection surveillance in nursing homes in the Netherlands
Brunner N.A., Veldman-Ariesen M-J., Haenen A., van de Sande H., Benthem B.H.
Helicobacter pylori cagA subtyping and its role in identification of mixed infections
Karimi Z., Douraghi M., Talebkhan Y., Saberi S., Bababeik M., Mohammadi M.
Helicobacter pylori infection: association with blood group, demographics and life style in a Pakistani population
Khuwaja A.K., Wahab F., Valliani A., Ahmed B.
Helicobacter pylori vacA and cagA gen: changes over a period of 15 years in Spain
Agudo S., Alarcón T., Urruzuno P., Pérez-Pérez G., López-Brea M.
HepatitisB serological profile and HBsAg(+) prevalence among women inpatients of an obstetrics-gynaecological unit in Greece
Papadimitriou A., Theocharidou D., Koulourida V., Siskou E., Martziou E., Charalampidou S., Sidiropoulos E.
HepatitisC genotyping in haemodialysis patients and the development of genotyping method based on Taqman probe real-time PCR
Hamzah H.A., Mustafa M.I., Abdul-M M.S., Nasarudin A., Bin Hasmani M.H.
HepatitisC virus genotyping and possible routes of transmission in a Greek population
Kouniaki D., Tarassi K., Kapsimali V., Athanassiades T., Kitsiou V., Gizori K., Papasteriades C.
HepatitisD in Switzerland: a silent epidemic
Rossi I., Genné D.
HepatitisD virus replication clinical impact and viral replicative interference with hepatitisB virus
Popescu G., Otelea D., Popescu C., Tinischi M., Paraschiv S., Neaga E., Gavriliu L., Popa M., Benea E., Streinu-Cercel A.
HepatitisE: monitoring and treatment
Izopet J.
Herpes simplex encephalitis in a national prospective encephalitis cohort, France, 2007
Mailles A., Morand P., Peigue-Lafeuille H., Stahl J.P.
Herpes zoster: is there a role for vaccination?
Rothberg M.
Herpesviridae viral infections following chemotherapy in patients with lymphoma: incidence, risk factors, and prevention
Park J.Y., Kwon H., Lee H.S.
Heteroresistance to imipenem observed for clinical Clostridium difficile isolates using Etest susceptibility testing
Norén T., Alriksson I., Andersson J., Unemo M.
HHV-6-DNAemia after liver transplantation monitored by two quantitative real-time PCR methods
Karlsson T., Loginov R., Höckerstedt K., Lautenschlager I.
High burden of S.aureus bloodstream infections in European hospitals, irrespective of methicillin susceptibility
de Kraker M., Wolkewitz M., Grundmann H.
High diversity of HHV8 molecular subtypes in AIDS-KS Cuban individuals and its relation with HHV8 load: evidence of subtypeB expansion
Martínez P., Kouri V., Aleman Y., Blanco O., Capó V., Rodríguez M.E., Dovigny M., Cardellá L., Gala A., Jiménez N., Luzardo C., Correa C., Pérez L., Alvarez A., Hengge U.
High diversity of PVL-positive methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in western Switzerland, 20052009
Senn L., Basset P., Bellini C., Zanetti G., Blanc D.S.
High frequency of faecal colonization with ESBL-producing Enterobacteriaceae among Swedish persons after travelling outside the Scandinavian countries
Östholm Balkhed Å., Tärnberg M., Nilsson L., Hanberger H., Nilsson M., Lindvall L., Johansson A., Hällgren A.
High frequency of non-fermenters among respiratory isolates from hospital-acquired pneumonia and ventilator-associated pneumonia in Asian countries: an ANSORP study
Song J.H.
High frequency of SEN virus viraemia in patients with hepatitisB virus and hepatitisC virus infection in Iran
Karimi-Rastehkenari A., Bouzari M.
High mortality following norovirus enteritis in hospitalized elderly patients
Gustavsson L., Andersson L.M., Lindh M., Westin J.
High prevalence of amikacin susceptibility in aac(6)-Ib-positive Enterobacter cloacae
High prevalence of qnr genes in Escherichia coli from healthy animals in Nigeria
Fortini D., Fashae K., García-Fernández A., Villa L., Carattoli A.
High rate of non-response and relapse associated with peginterferon-alfa monotherapy for the treatment of acute hepatitisC in HIV-infected patients
Arends J.E., van Assen S., Wensing A.J., Stek C., Mudrikova T., van Baarle D., Sprenger H.G., Hoepelman A.
High rates of intestinal colonization with extended-spectrum lactamase-producing Enterobacteriaceae in patients at a tertiary-care hospital in Israel
High rates of multidrug resistance in major bacterial isolates from adult patients with hospital-acquired pneumonia and ventilator-associated pneumonia in Asian countries: an ANSORP study
Song J.H.
High throughput sequencing and proteomics to identify immunogenic proteins of a new pathogen: the dirty genome approach
Greub G., Kebbi C., Bertelli C., Collyn F., Riederer B., Yersin C., Croxatto A., Raoult D.
High-dose daptomycin for infective endocarditis
Kullar R., Davis S., Crank C., Segreti J., Cosgrove S., Zhao J., Levine D., Rybak M.
Higher mortality of Clostridium difficile possessing the genes for the binary toxin in addition to the genes for toxinA and toxinB
Bacci S., Olsen K.E., Jensen J.N., Mølbak K.
High-level fluorescence labelling of Gram-positive pathogens
Aymanns S., Mauerer S., van Zandbergen G., Wolz C., Spellerberg B.
High-level trimethoprim-resistant Haemophilus influenzae is due to multiple changes in the dfr gene and its promoter plus the possession of plasmidic dfrA17 gene
High-resolution crystal structures of SFC1 and acyl-intermediate in complex with meropenem: structural basis for carbapenemase activity in classA lactamases
High-risk of hepatitisB and C infection in Tunisian multi-transfused patients
Hannachi N., Boughammoura L., Ladhari N., Khlif A., Soussi S., Skouri H., Boukadida J.
High-speed blood culture diagnostic with MALDITOFMS
Litfin C., Sohns A., Koch A.
Histones in sepsis
Roger T.
HIV and aging
Cauda R.
HIV and viral hepatitis (HBV and HCV) among four vulnerable groups in Lebanon
Ramia S., Mahfoud Z., Afifi R., Dejong J., Kreidieh K., Shamra S., Kassak K.
HIV testing in tuberculosis patients in the United Kingdom
Raza M.M., Mukherjee R., Bhattacharya M., Mital D.
Hormographiella aspergillata: an emerging mould in acute leukaemia patients?
Conen A., Weisser M., Hohler D., Frei R., Stern M.
Hospital outbreak of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus caused by a new, possibly hyperepidemic variant from a previously sporadic strain
Hospital resources and capabilities in dealing with highly infectious diseases: EuroNHID data from a survey of 44 isolation facilities in 14 European countries
Schilling S., Brodt H., Gottschalk R., Bannister B., Brouqui P., Fusco F.M., Maltezou H.C., Thomson G., Puro V., Ippolito G.
Hospital-associated infections in children a prospective international multicentre post-discharge follow-up study
Kinnula S., Büttcher M., Tapiainen T., Renko M., Vepsäläinen K., Lantto R., Heininger U., Uhari M.
Hospital-based phylogenetic analysis of noroviruses isolated from children with acute gastroenteritis in Iran
Fazeli Bavandpour Z., Moradi A., Baghaie N., Nadji S.A.
Hospitalized cancer patients with severe infections due to the novel influenzaA (H1N1) in Brazil
Velasco E., Salluh J., Gonçalves V.M., Oliveira V., Moreno T., Rocco S.
How big is the threat in the outpatient setting?
Woodford N.
How does changing epidemiology alter our management and prevention strategies?
Pitout J.
How long after the last vaccine dose can pertussis serology not be used?
Riffelmann M., Littmann M., Wirsing von Koenig C., Hülße C.
How long could an educational intervention improve hand hygiene practices?
How many lumens should be cultured in the conservative diagnosis of catheter-related bloodstream infections?
How many patients do you need to screen for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus to find a positive? Results from a screening programme in a UK teaching hospital
Jones G., Sutton J.K., Aplin S., Browning D.
How much do healthcare workers pay attention to hand hygiene in hospital?
How to improve microbial documentation in febrile neutropenia? Impact of implementing an automat in the ward and addition of DNaemia detection
Pautas C., Hicheri Y., Bastuji-Garin S., Corbel C., Bretagne S., Gregoire L., Sbidian E., Maury S., Cordonnier C., Cambau E.
Human babesiosis: an emerging zoonosis also in Italy? Preliminary serological data
Gabrielli S., Calderini P., Iori A., Tampieri M.P., Pietrobelli M., Cancrini G.
Human immune deficiency virus infection in patients diagnosed at age 50 years or later
Almasi F.
Human immunodeficiency virus1 F1 subtype is associated with late presentation in newly diagnosed Romanian patients
Florea D., Paraschiv S., Fratila M., Otelea D.
Human metapneumovirus and human bocavirus infections among children in Russia
Kozulina I.S., Isaeva E.I., Samsygina G.A.
Human metapneumovirus: interferon sensitivity and production in airway epithelial cells
Scagnolari C., Selvaggi C., Carbone T., Soldà A., Spano L., Di Marco P., Maggi F., Riva E., Pierangeli A., Antonelli G.
Human Mycobacterium bovis infection in Buenos Aires: epidemiology, microbiology and clinical presentation
Cordova E., Gonzalo X., Boschi A., Lossa M., Robles M., Poggi S.
Hyperproduction of norA by (methicillin-resistant) Staphylococcus aureus is associated with its genetic background
Hypoxia amplifies inflammatory signalling in response to Pseudomonas aeruginosa in pulmonary epithelial cells
Schaible B., Taylor C., Schaffer K.