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Bacillus pumilus bacteraemia in a term neonate
Papadopoulou M., Kimouli M., Rekliti N., Konstantinidi A., Tadros S., Souniadis V., Dedousi O., Trompoukis C., Petropoulou D., Lambadaridis I., Gounaris A.
BacTec MGIT 960 system evaluation for susceptibility testing of Mycobacterium tuberculosis against second-line anti-tuberculosis drugs
Bacteraemia caused by non-faecalis, non-faeciumEnterococcus sp. at a medical centre in Taiwan, 20002008
Huang Y.T., Lai C.C., Wang C., Liao C.H., Hsueh P.R.
Bacteraemia without a focus: to what extent is the focus really unobserved or just unreported?
Bacteria, bacteria, everywhere: the role of gloves, handwashing and environment in a microbiology laboratory
Bacterial bloodstream infections in neutropenic children with haematologiconcologic disorders at a tertiary care centre in Saudi Arabia
Bin-Hussain I., Barron I.
Bacterial detection with a microfluidic reactor for polymerase chain reaction
Peham J.R., Steiner H., Grienauer W., Heer R., Vellekoop M.J., Noehammer C., Wiesinger-Mayr H.
Bacterial evolution in the face of immunological pressure
Donati C., Muzzi A., Covacci A., Rappuoli R., Masignani V., Barocchi M.
Bacterial flora in infected ingrown toenails in a paediatric population
Margoni A., Schinas G., Giannakopoulou K., Matsas M., Morassi G.L., Soranoglou V., Nikolaides N., Lebessi E.
Bacterial identification by Axima Saramis SirWeb MALDITOFMS: application in a clinical routine laboratory
Dauwalder O., Meugnier H., Freydiere A.M., Baida N., Benito Y., Badoz M., Chomarat M., Boisset S., Girardo P., Reverdy M.E., Etienne J., Lina G., Vandenesch F.
Bacterial meningitis due to pericraneal fistula in adults: thirty years of experience
Bodro M., Cabellos C., Verdaguer R., Lopez L., Gudiol F., Acebes J., Fernandez Viladrich P.
Bacterial resistance studies in an invitro dynamic model: use of antibiotic-susceptible organisms supplemented with their resistant mutants
Firsov A., Smirnova M., Strukova E., Portnoy Y., Zinner S.
Bacterial typing
Hain T.
BAL30072, a new sulfactam with excellent invitro and invivo activity against Escherichia coli producing extended-spectrum lactamases
Navon-Venezia S., Hermesh O., Kuzmenko B., Page M., Carmeli Y.
Belgium goes EUCAST: critical aspects in a national move from CLSI to EUCAST breakpoints
Benzodiazepines and cannabinoids lead to enhanced susceptibility and severity of orthopoxvirus infection
Huemer H.P., Lassnig C., Bernhard D., Sturm S., Nowotny N., Irschick E.U., Kitchen M., Pavlic M.
Bibliometric analysis of European publications in infectious diseases and clinical microbiology areas
Sipahi O., Sipahi H., Tasbakan M., Pullukcu H., Arda B., Yamazhan T., Ulusoy S.
Binding and activation of plasminogen on Fusobacterium necrophorum
Kuusela P., Friberg N., Jarva H., Mattila P., Soliymani R., Baumann M.
Bioavailability and pharmacokinetics of torezolid phosphate after intravenous administration in healthy subjects
Muñoz K.A., Bien P., Bethune C., Wright R., Prokocimer P.
Biochemical and molecular characterization of Escherichia albertii isolated from clinical samples
Nimri L., Strockbine N., Tarr C., Sowers E.
Biofilm formation by Acinetobacterspp. in the airliquid and solidliquid interphases
Marti S., Rodriguez-Baño J., Espinal P., Catel-Ferreira M., Vila J., Seifert H., Jouenne T., Dé E.
Biofilm formation is important for Propionibacterium acnes pathogenesis and antibiotic susceptibility
Holmberg A., Lood R., Mörgelin M., Nordenfelt P., Söderquist B., Holst E., Christensson B., Rasmussen M.
Biofilm formation of Escherichia coli O111 on food-contact stainless steel and high-density polyethylene surfaces
Biological and immunological characteristics of a new lipopolysaccharide-based conjugate vaccine for brucellosis
Siadat S.D., Aghasadeghi M.R., Mohammadi M., Kheirandish M., Norouzian D., Izadi Mobarakeh J., Razavi M., Zangeneh M., Sadat S.M., Sharifat Salmani A., Moshiri A.
Biological cost of antibiotic pressure in Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilm phenotype
Machado I., Lopes H., Lopes S., Alves D., Pereira M.
Biological fitness effects of integrons in the absence of antibiotic-selective pressure
Biomarkers for the diagnosis of sepsis: do they provide added value?
Müller B.
Biphasic killing of levofloxacin against Staphylococcus aureus: modelling bacterial response to drug-selective pressures
Tam V.H., Bhagunde P., Ledesma K.R., Chang K.T., Singh R., Nikolaou M.
blaCTX-M15 genetically linked to qnrB1 on conjugative plasmids from Klebsiella pneumoniae
Zong Z., Partridge S.R., Iredell J.
Bloodstream infections due to Escherichia coli and Klebsiellaspp. producing extended-spectrum lactamase: factors influencing adequacy and mortality
Peralta G., Anibarro L., Lamelo M., Velasco M., Delgado-Iribarren A., Horcajada J.P., Montero M., Fariñas M.C., Alonso J., Roiz M., Capdevila J.A.
Bloodstream infections due to Gram-negative bacilli in a neonatal intensive care unit: a6year study
Papadimitriou M., Alexaki A., Kyriakou D., Paleologou N., Kallergi K., Kapetanakis J., Lebessi E.
Botulismus epidemic caused by home-made canned food and 8 members affected in a family
Brain damage in foetuses congenitally infected by cytomegalovirus
Gabrielli L., Bonasoni M.P., Lega S., Santini D., Baccolini F., Piccirilli G., Chiereghin A., Petrisli E., Guerra B., Gardini G., Landini M.P., Lazzarotto T.
Break-through HHV-6B infections during antiviral prophylaxis after liver transplantation
Lautenschlager I., Loginov R., Karlsson T., Höckerstedt K.
Broad-range survey of tick-borne pathogens from southern Germany
Eshoo M., Nolte O., Crowder C., Matthews H., Li F., Sampath R., Ecker D.
Brucellar spondylitis: review of 22 cases
Alp-Cavus S., Karlibas Z., Kuruuzum Z., Yuce A.
Brucellosis: aTunisian experience
Bulge of syphilis among HIN-infected patients: epidemiological data from a Greek hospital
Burden of invasive aspergillosis in COPD non-traditional host: a hospital database analysis
Buruli ulcer disease: epidemiology, clinical manifestations, diagnosis, treatment
Portaels F., Walsh D., Meyers W.