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A 12-year review of Candidaspp. meningitis in patients following neurosurgery
A 63-kb genomic resistance island in an Acinetobacter baumannii isolate from 1977
A 9year species and antifungal susceptibility study of bloodstream Candida isolates in a Greek trauma hospital
A better documentation of the reassessment of antibiotic therapies does not improve the quality of prescription
A Campylobacter jejuni outbreak investigation in Crete, Greece: indications for waterborne spread
Karagiannis I., Sideroglou T., Gkolfinopoulou K., Velonakis E.N., Scoulica E., Panagiotopoulos T., Mellou K., Bonovas S.
A case of Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever with acalculous cholecystitis and intra-abdominal abscess
Caylan R., Hasanoglu I., Yapar D., Tasyaran M.A.
A characterization of mean inhibitory concentrations and patient outcomes in patients failing to respond to fluconazole treatment of severe infections caused by Candida sp.
A Clostridium difficile 027 epidemic in a hospital in Vienna, Austria, 20082009
Kasper S., Kanitz E.E., Indra A., Watkins-Riedel T., Masoud H., Eberl S., Huhulescu S., Allerberger F., Schmid D.
A comparative study between 2009 H1N1 influenzaA virus and seasonal influenza virus infections at a Bangkok hospital, Thailand
Thiansukhon E., Paitoonpong L., Suwanpimolkul G., Bhattarakosol P., Suankratay C.
A comparative study of antibiotic gradient devices for meropenem, ceftriaxone and clindamycin against CLSI and BSAC reference methods
Reed S., Crabtree D., Scopes E.
A comparative study to determine the recovery rate of micro-organisms of bloodstream infections: two versus three blood culture specimens
Shanthachol T., Suwanpimolkul G., Suankratay C.
A comparison of the dominant strains of Clostridium difficile in Scotland: growth rate, toxin production and sporulation
A comparison of two specimen preparation methodologies and their effect on the outcome of standard diagnostic protocols used for mycobacteria detection
A foodborne norovirus outbreak in a healthcare facility, Austria, 2009
Kuo H.W., Hell M., Kasper S., Lederer I., Allerberger F., Schmid D.
A high-throughput method for the simultaneous detection of drug resistance and genotypic mutations in M.tuberculosis isolates
Bergval I., Schuitema A., Klatser P., Anthony R.
A longitudinal perspective of tigecycline activity in the EU against Staphylococcus aureus, Enterococcus faecalis, and Streptococcusspp. including resistant and multidrug-resistant phenotypes
Draghi D., Pillar C.M., Dowzicky M., Sahm D.F.
A MALDITOF assay for the rapid identification of Aspergillus and Candida sp. in clinical samples
Putignani L., Mancinelli L., Del Chierico F., Onori M., Coltella L., Bernaschi P., Fiscarelli E., Argentieri M., Pansani L., Ranno S., Lucignano B., Dimiziani L., Russo C., Menichella D.
A model system for genetic analysis of biofilm formation during catheter-associated urinary tract infections
Reisner A., Wöran A., Holzer M., Schilcher K., Stabentheiner E., Zechner E.L.
A multicentre study of bacteraemia using a new commercial universal 16S rDNA PCR test
Sakka S.G., Lustig M.
A multiplexed isothermal amplification assay for the detection of Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae
A National Point Prevalence survey of antimicrobial prescribing for surgical prophylaxis
Heginbothom M.L.
A new automated test on the Vidas instrument to detect Escherichia coli O157 in human stool without enrichment
Heskia F., Mariani-Kurkdjian P., Martin S., Rey J.F., Ait-Ifrane S., Inçaurgarat B.
A new Helicobacter pylori vacuolating cytotoxin determinant, the intermediate region
Agudo S., Alarcón T., Pérez-Pérez G., Martínez J., López-Brea M.
A new pathway involved in cross-resistance to antibiotics in Pseudomonas aeruginosa
A new SCCmec element in a Staphylococcus cohnii clinical isolate might be an ancestral structure of type III SCCmec
A novel approach to antimicrobial stewardship programme: smart computerized decision support system
A novel approach to identify antimicrobial synergy against methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus
Garonzik S.M., Forrest A., Wisniewski W., Tsuji B.
A novel DNA vaccine against toxoplasmosis induces sporozoite specific protective immune response through nonapoptotic cells
Gulce Iz S., Doskaya M., Caner A., Degirmenci A., Rodriguez F., Deliloglu Gurhan I., Guruz Y.
A novel multiplex PCR identifies 7 staphylococcal species and mecA gene directly from blood cultures
Chatzigeorgiou K.S., Siafakas N., Tarpatzi A., Petinaki E., Zerva L.
A novel real-time PCR assay for specific detection and quantification of Mycobacterium avium ssp. paratuberculosis in milk with the inherent possibility of differentiation between viable and dead cells
Dzieciol M., Volgger P., Khol J., Baumgartner W., Wagner M., Hein I.
A novel screening agar for the detection of vancomycin non-susceptible Staphylococcus aureus
A novel type of IncQ plasmid harbouring a class 3 integron from Escherichia coli
A number of diverse human pathogenic fungi produce proteases that can degrade immune proteins in the central nervous system
A One Health approach to influenza virus infections to support public health
Capua I.
A phase2, randomized, double-blind, double-dummy study of IV sulopenem with switch to oral sulopenem etzadroxil compared to ceftriaxone with switch to amoxicillinclavulanate in subjects with community-acquired pneumonia requiring hospitalization
Soma K., Silvia A.M., Hazra A., Puttagunta S., Durham K., Kirby D.
A phaseII dose escalation study of caspofungin for invasive aspergillosis
A rapid aetiologic diagnosis using a multiplex RTPCR panel can reduce antibiotic prescription rate in respiratory tract infections a randomized prospective study
Brittain-Long R., Westin J., Olofsson S., Lindh M., Andersson L.M.
A retrospective evaluation of the efficacy of voriconazole in 24 ocular Fusarium infections
A review of the epidemiology, risk factors and strain characteristics of Clostridium difficile among hospitalized patients: a pilot nested casecontrol study
Cleary P., Quigley C., O'Brien S., Bolton E., Verlander N., Guleri A., Dodgson A., Fox A., Maxwell S., Braid K.
A selective screening broth for rapid detection of extended-spectrum lactamases
A semi automated real-time duplex PCR assay for rapid detection of Streptococcus pneumoniae directly from clinical samples
Sidhu M., Zhao P., Deatly A., Huijts S., Pride M., Jansen K.
A semi-mechanistic pharmacokineticpharmacodynamic model with adaptation development for invitro activity of ciprofloxacin against Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Grégoire N., Raherison S., Grignon C., Comets E., Marliat M., Ploy M.C., Couet W.
A simple blood culture bacterial pellet preparation for accurate direct bacterial identification and antibiotic susceptibility testing with the Vitek2 system
Prod'hom G., Durussel C., Bille J., Greub G.
A simple colourimetric method for antimicrobial susceptibility testing of bacteria in biofilms
A single 1200mg human equivalent dose of oritavancin is highly efficacious in the neutropenic mouse thigh infection model
Lehoux D., Laquerre K., Ostiguy V., Fadhil I., Malouin M., Cadieux C., Goyette N., Fournier S., Sarmiento I., Arhin F., Moeck G., Parr Jr. T.
A study of various commercially available transport swabs for the recovery of fastidious organisms
A survey examining promotion of hand hygiene in healthcare through campaigns and programmes coordinated at a nationalsubnational level
Mathai E., Allegranzi B., Kilpatrick C., Bagheri Nejad S., Graafmans W., Pittet D.
A sustained hospital outbreak of VRE bacteraemia due to the emergence of Enterococcus faecium ST203
Johnson P.D., Ballard S.A., Grabsch E.A., Stinear T.P., Seeman T., Young H., Grayson M.L., Howden B.P.
A tertiary care facility experience on pegylated IFN efficacy in chronic hepatitisB patients
Kurtoglu Gül Y., Bulut C., Kinikli S., Koçak Tufan Z., Ataman Hatipoglu C., Erdinc F.S., Demiroz A.P.
A twelve-month retrospective audit of reactive Toxoplasma gondii serology in pregnant women in Ireland
A two-centre retrospective study on the microbiology of bisphosphonate associated osteonecrosis of the jaws
Jackson M., Snäll J., McFadzean R., Smith A., Rautemaa-Richardson R.
A two-step algorithm for the diagnosis of Clostridium difficile infection: screening with a rapid immunoassay for the detection of glutamatedehydrogenase and toxinsAandB followed by a real-time PCR for C.difficile
Aac(6)-Ib-cr genotyping by simultaneous high-resolution melting analysis of an unlabelled probe and full length amplicon
AAC-(6)-Ib-cr, QnrC and QnrS determinants among bacterial isolates from wild and food-producing animals in Portugal
Ability of ciprofloxacin 1g discs and British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy (BSAC) zone diameter breakpoints to detect plasmid-mediated quinolone resistance determinants in urinary enterobacterial isolates
Absence of non-tuberculous mycobacteria recovery in sputum of cystic fibrosis patients despite adequate decontamination: a possible role of specific antimicrobial therapy used in our centre
Andre E., Degraux J., Simon A., Ferroni A., Huang T.D.
Acanthamoeba keratitis: clinical presentation, diagnosis, treatment and outcome
Tzanetou K., Miltsakakis D., Ziva K., Tsianou E., Strigari S., Petrou E., Marda E., Goula A., Ganteris G., Malamou-Lada E.
Accumulation of sulphobutylether-cyclodextrin in critically ill patients with acute renal insufficiency undergoing extended daily dialysis and treatment with intravenous voriconazole
Achieving sustained improvement in hospital hygienic cleaning using peer-group benchmarking
Carling P., Dick B., Eck E.
ACI1 lactamase of Acidaminococcus intestini is carried in a highly modular mobile genetic island
Acinetobacter baumannii and other genomic species: characteristics of adhesion and biofilm
Takagi E.H., Campos J.C., Taddei C.R., Martinez M.B.
Acinetobacter baumannii infections in intensive care units patients: predictors of risk factors of multidrug resistance
Acar A., Oncul O., Ozyurt M., Budak S., Gorenek L., Haznedaroglu T.
Acinetobacter-associated infections in the Republic of Belarus: state of the problem
Acinetobacterspp. susceptibility to tigecycline determined by Etest and microdilution
Acquisition of cytomegalovirus specific immune response during pre-emptive therapy protects high-risk solid organ transplant patients from infection
BenMarzouk-Hidalgo O., Cisneros J., Cordero E., Martin-Peña A., Sanchez B., Gomez-Bravo M., Gentil A., Lage E., Perez-Romero P.
Action of novel copper compounds on the viability of Helicobacter pylori
Perna F., Hall T., Hickok S., Gant V., Vaira D., Holton J.
Activities of tigecycline in combination with colistin or meropenem against KPC carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae by time-kill analysis
Pournaras S., Neou E., Poulou A., Vrioni G., Tsakris A.
Activity of ACHN-490 and other aminoglycosides vs. carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae isolated in the United Kingdom
Mushtaq S., Warner M., Zhang J-C., Maharjan S., Doumith M., Woodford N., Livermore D.
Activity of BC-3205 when tested against Gram-positive organisms responsible from skin and skin structure infections
Activity of ceftaroline against recent (2009) and multidrug-resistant Streptococcus pneumoniae isolates from Europe and the United States
Farrell D., Moet G., Rhomberg P., Sader H., Jones R.
Activity of ceftaroline against selected clinical isolates of Staphylococcus aureus from the Canadian Bacterial Sentinel Network
Activity of colistin against Enterobacteriaceae from 2007 to 2009, including drug-resistant isolates
Hawser S., Bouchillon S., Hoban D., Dowzicky M.
Activity of colistin against Klebsiella pneumoniae from 2007 to 2009, including isolates resistant to carbapenems
Hawser S., Bouchillon S., Hoban D., Dowzicky M.
Activity of common UTI agents against enteric urinary isolates from Europe and impact of patient population on activity profile
Activity of daptomycin, vancomycin and moxifloxacin alone or in combination with clarithromycin or rifampicin in a novel invitro model of Staphylococcus aureus biofilm
Parra-Ruiz J., Vidaillac C., Rose W., Rybak M.
Activity of different antibiotics against Borrelia burgdorferi determined by bacterial heat production (microcalorimetry)
Achermann Y., Vogt M., Trampuz A.
Activity of doripenem in patients with baseline bacteraemia in 6 pooled phaseIII pivotal studies
Umeh O., Kaniga K., Lee M., Ketter N., Quintana A., Redman R.
Activity of oritavancin and comparators invitro against standard and high inocula of Staphylococcus aureus
Activity of piperacillintazobactam and comparators against Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Acinetobacter baumannii from South Africa, 20042009
Activity of temocillin against carbapenem-resistant clinical Enterobacteriaceae
Mushtaq S., Warner M., Zhang J-C., Maharjan S., Doumith M., Woodford N., Livermore D.
Activity of the investigational fluoroquinolone, finafloxacin and seven other antimicrobial agents against 114 obligately anaerobic bacteria
Schaumann R., Genzel G.H., Stubbings W., Stingu C.S., Labischinski H., Rodloff A.C.
Activity of tigecycline against levofloxacin-resistant pathogens from 2008
Hawser S., Johnson B., Bouchillon S., Badal R., Dowzicky M.
Activity profile of tigecycline and comparator agents against skin and wound isolates collected across Europe, 20062009
Additive effect of qnr genes, Ser83Leu substitution in DNA gyrase and Ser80Arg in topoisomeraseIV on the fluoroquinolone resistance in E.coli
Adenovirus infections
Heim A.
Adhesion mechanism of Streptococcus anginosus to mucosal epithelial cells
Kodama Y., Sasaki M., Shimoyama Y., Tajika S., Kimura S.
Adult and neonatal intensive care unit candidaemia: retrospective analysis
Adult native septic arthritis: 10 years in review in order to establish local guidelines on empiric antibiotic therapy
Clerc O., Senn L., Prod'hom G., Greub G., Zanetti G.
Advantages of the state-of-the-art ELISA test at verification of an early HIV infection
Sharipova I., Denisova N., Baranova E., Susekina M., Puzyrev V., Sarkisyan K., Vorob'eva M., Obriadina A., Burkov A., Ulanova  T.
Aerosol therapy with colistin: a biopharmaceutical concern as illustrated in rats
Marchand S., Thi Viet Phuong D., Gobin P., Olivier J., Mimoz O., Couet W.
Aerosolized in combination with intravenous colistin vs. intravenous colistin in the treatment of ventilator-associated pneumonia: a matched casecontrol study
Kofteridis D., Valachis A., Alexopoulou C., Maraki S., Dimopoulou D., Economidou F., Mavrogeni E., Christofaki M., Sifaki L., Georgopoulos D., Samonis G.
Aetiology and cerebrospinal fluid findings in aseptic meningitis
Vanaga I., Broduza A., Rozentale B.
Aetiology of community-acquired pneumonia in children during the influenzaA (H1N1) outbreak
Michelim L., Fracasso J., Garrido P., Buffon V., Generosi L., Oliveira Filho P.
Aetiology of diarrhoea in patients at a university hospital in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Dedeic-Ljubovic A., Hukic M., Salimovic-Besic I., Bekic D., Babic M., Arapcic S., Ramadani S.
Aetiology of eye infections in hospitalized ophthalmological patients
Wroblewska M.M., Broniek G.
African trypanosomiasis in the south-eastern Uganda, Buikwe South Health sub-district, 19892008
Ages-Webribo a new deterministic identification algorithm for the characterization of Clostridium difficile isolates by capillary gel electrophoresis-based PCR-ribotyping
Indra A., Blaschitz M., Schneewe M., Huhulescu S., Kernbichler S., Fiedler A., Allerberger F.
agr-deficiency and expression changes in regulatory and cell-wall genes responsible for hVISA and VISA phenotypes
Air flow modellization by computational fluid dynamics for optimizing control for airborne microbial contamination in an intensive care room for severely burned patients
Beauchêne C., Laudinet N., Choukri F., Rousset J., Larbre J., Bergeron V., Chaouat M., Benbunan M., Mimoun M., Lajonchère J., Derouin F.
Alarmingly poor performance in Chlamydia trachomatis point-of-care testing
van Dommelen L., van Tiel F.H., Ouburg S., Brouwers E.E., Terporten P.H., Savelkoul P., Morré S.A., Bruggeman C.A., Hoebe C.J.
Allelic variation in internalin genes of Listeria monocytogenes isolated from humans, small rodents and mollusks
Zaytseva E., Ermolaeva S., Somov G.
Aminoglycoside resistance in a clinical isolate of Acinetobacter genomic species 13TU is associated with the up-regulation of its AdeABC-like efflux system
Amoxicillinclavulanate and piperacillintazobactam: comparison of different susceptibility testing methods
AmphotericinB mediates killing in C.neoformans through induction of oxidative burst rather than through pore formation at the membrane
Zaragoza O., Scorzoni L., Sangalli Leite F., Gianinni M.J., Rodríguez-Tudela J.L., Cuenca-Estrella M.
An audit of fluoroquinolone prescription in a paediatric hospital
Yang Z.T., Zahar J-R., Mechai F., Postaire M., Blanot S., Balfagon-Viel S., Lecuit M., Nassif X., Lortholary O.
An echinocandin vs. a comparator antifungal in Candida bloodstream infections: a meta-analysis
Golan Y., Harrison D., Fahrbach K.
An evaluation of different methods to recover methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus from hospital environmental surfaces
An integrated approach to control ICU-associated infections focusing on antimicrobial consumption and resistance rates
An outbreak of Campylobacter jejuni gastroenteritis at an Australian boarding school: consistency between flaA typing and multi-locus sequence typing
Moffatt C.R., Cameron A.S., Mickan L., Givney R.
An outbreak of Plasmodium vivax malaria in Lakonia, southern Greece, August-October 2009
Andriopoulos P., Oikonomopoulou A., Rigaki K., Kaplanis N., Rebelou D., Assimakopoulos G.
Analysis of an additional 9loci MIRU-VNTR confirms a large single clone of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in the West Midlands, United Kingdom
Gibson A., Evans J., Gardiner S., Smith G., Hawkey P.
Analysis of carbapenem resistance genes in Acinetobacter baumannii isolates from Kuwait hospitals
Al-Sweih N., Al-Hubail M., Rotimi V.O.
Analysis of plasmid-mediated quinolone resistance determinants among ESBL-producing Enterobacteriaceae in Belgium
Rodriguez-Villalobos H., de Mendonça R., Bogaerts P., Cardentey-Reyes A., Montesinos I., Cardona C., Deplano A., Struelens M.J., Glupczynski Y.
Analysis of prevalent Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains in the United Kingdom: detection, distribution and expansion of MIRU-VNTR profiles containing high numbers of isolates
Analysis of quinolone-resistant Streptococcus pneumoniae collected from PROTEKT studies between 2000 and 2007
Blackman Northwood J., Couturier C., Brown S., Morrissey I.
Analysis of recombination events in DNA mismatch repair genes among Escherichia coli strains belonging to different phylogroups with different mutation frequencies
Analysis of the mechanisms of fluoroquinolone resistance in clonal group ST 131 uropathogenic Escherichia coli
Analysis of the mutations associated to integrase inhibitor resistance in subtypeB and nonB human immunodeficiency virus type1
Turriziani O., Montagna C., Falasca F., Russo G., Bucci M., Graziano F., Maida P., Monteleone K., Antonelli L., Antonelli G.
Analysis of the role of genes ethA, ethR, ndh, mshA, inhA and the inhA-promoter in resistance to ethionamide, a second-line antituberculosis drug
Antibacterial activity of supercritical Usnea barbata extract against staphylococci, streptococci and enterococci originated from animals
Misic D., Ivanovic J., Zizovic I.
Antibacterial resistance among Streptococcus pneumoniae from 4 centres in Thailand: results from the Survey of Antibiotic Resistance (SOAR), 20072009
Khantawa B., Baosount V., Warachit B., Yodsawat C., Malatham K., Santanirand P., Reechaipichitkul W., Lulitanond A., Chaimance P., Sawatwipachai S., O'Brien D.
Antibacterial resistance among Streptococcus pneumoniae, Haemophilus influenzae and Moraxella catarrhalis from Kuwait and 5 centres in Turkey: results from the Survey of Antibiotic Resistance (SOAR), 20072009
Gur D., Tunger A., Aydemir S., Soyletir G., Altinkanat G., Bayramoglu G., Aydin F., Kayacan C., Aktas Z., Mokaddas E., Acar A., O'Brien D.
Antibacterials for systemic use in Belgian hospitals
Vaerenberg S., Hendrickx E., Catry B.
Antibiotic consumption in 30 French nursing homes: a point prevalence study from the European Surveillance of Antimicrobial Consumption nursing home subproject
Gavazzi G., GIbert P., Fontaine L., Stroobants R., Hendrickx E., Muller A., Vankerckhoven V., Goossens H., Jans B.
Antibiotic prescribing in outpatients: hospital and seasonal variations in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, India
Pathak A., Mahadik K., Dhaneria S., Marrone G., Lundborg C.
Antibiotic resistance in Escherichia coli infection in the Valencian community, Spain
Sahuquillo-Arce J.M., Selva-San Adrián M., Beltrán-Heras J., González-Barberá E., Gobernado M.
Antibiotic resistance of Escherichia coli isolated from community-acquired urinary infections
Topan A., Tatulescu D., Zanc V., Almas A., Flonta M., Slavcovici A.
Antibiotic resistance of Salmonella enterica isolates from Greece mediated by tetA, qnrA and qnrB resistant genes
Antibiotic screening of urine culture a useful quality audit
Antibiotic senstivity of urinary tract isolates from outpatients in the Sirte region, Libya, 20052008
Abddulsalam Bagar S., Abdallah B., Tayar M.
Antibiotic stewardship programmes: national recommendations, public release of structure and process indicator and practical implementation in south-western French hospitals, 20052008
Dumartin C., Rogues A.M., Pefau M., Amadeo B., Venier A.G., Parneix P., Maurain C.
Antibiotic susceptibility including tigecycline and MALDITOFMS of E.coli and S.aureus isolates
Antibiotic susceptibility monitoring using a Microsoft Access database
Antibiotic susceptibility of Clostridium difficile
Antibiotic therapy of biofilm-forming groupA streptococcal infections
Baldassarri L.
Antibiotic-associated haemorrhagic colitis caused by Klebsiella oxytoca
Orth D., Naim A., Ehrlenbach S., Grif K., Würzner R.
Antibiotics effect on S.aureus adhesion to human fibronectin
Dumitrescu O., Moulay A., Tristan A., Bes M., Vandenesch F., Etienne J., Lina G.
Antibodies to Bordetella pertussis antigens measured in saliva
Riffelmann M., Littmann M., Hülße C., Wirsing von Koenig C.
Antibodies to interferon-gamma in ultra-low doses: a new option for pandemic influenza
Tarasov S., Zarubaev V., Tafani J., Dugina J., Sergeeva S., Epstein O.
Antibody dynamics after tick-borne encephalitis and MeaslesMumpsRubella vaccination in children post early thymectomy
Zlamy M., Goeggele C., Schönlaub J., Würzner R., Holzmann H., Zimmerhackl L., Prelog M.
Antifungal drugs improve survival by immunomodulation rather than by reduction of fungal burden in experimental cerebral aspergillosis
Ullmann I., Strahm R., Leib S.L., Zimmerli S.
Antifungal susceptibility of yeasts isolated from patients with fungaemia: comparison of the Etest on direct blood samples and CLSIM27A3
Antifungal susceptibility patterns of Candida isolates originated from invasive candidiasis
Anti-HAV seroprevalence in Turkish military personnel and its relation to demographic properties
Gul H.C., Avci I.Y., Coskun Ö., Ogur R., Basaran Y.H., Güney Ç., Besirbellioglu B., Acikel C.H., Eyigün C.P., Pahsa A.
Anti-HCV negative viral hepatitisC in HIV-infected patients from AIDS centre, Prague
Aster V., Konig J., Machala L., Rozsypal H., Shivairova O., Stankova M.
Antimicrobial activity of ceftaroline combined with NXL104 tested against a collection of organisms expressing multiple lactamases
Sader H., Williams G., Moet G., Castanheira M., Critchley I., Jones R.
Antimicrobial activity of ceftaroline tested against Staphylococcus aureus from the United States and Europe, 20082009
Antimicrobial activity of daptomycin against multidrug-resistant Gram-positive strains collected in Bulgaria
Antimicrobial activity of doripenem against clinical bacterial pathogens from Europe, 2009
Farrell D., Moet G., Sader H., Putnam S., Jones R.
Antimicrobial activity of herbal plants used in traditional medicine in Uzbekistan
Antimicrobial activity of the investigational pleuromutilin compound BC-3781 against Gram-positive organisms commonly associated with cutaneous infections
Antimicrobial activity of tigecycline and comparator agents tested against clinical bacterial strains from the Asia-Pacific region, 20082009
Bell J.M., Sader H., Farrell D., Jones R., Turnidge J.
Antimicrobial drug susceptibility and mecA finding in clinical isolates of Staphylococcus spp. from canine pyoderma
Emanuele M.C., Bosco R., Piraino C., La Giglia M., Bivona M., Vitale M.
Antimicrobial effect of doxycycline on control of glycaemia in diabetic patients with moderate periodontitis after phase1 periodontal treatment
Zangeneh M., Zangeneh N., Naseh M., Poursamimi J., Golbon S.
Antimicrobial effects of different wound dressings: an invitro study
Baka S., Kouskouni E., Rizos D., Demeridou S., Skalkidis Y., Arapoglou V.
Antimicrobial resistance among invasive Streptococcus pyogenes isolates in Portugal
Friaes A., Ramirez M., Melo-Cristino J.
Antimicrobial resistance in Chinese Clostridium difficile strains
Huang H., Weintraub A., Fang H., Wu S., Zhang Y., Nord C.E.
Antimicrobial resistance in faecal Escherichia coli isolated from calves
Kmet V., Bujnakova D., Novak S., Kmetova M.
Antimicrobial resistance in Salmonella infections associated with foreign travel
Al-Mashhadani M., Hewson R., Vivancos R., Keenan A., Beeching N., Wain J., Parry C.
Antimicrobial resistance of extended-spectrum lactamase producing Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumoniae strains from north-eastern Romania
Tuchilus C., Iancu L.S., Copacianu B., Poiata A., Badescu A., Ambarus A., Lapuste C., Buiuc D.
Antimicrobial resistance of Gram-negative bacteria isolated from domestic and food-producing animals: potential reservoirs of plasmid-mediated quinolone resistance genes
Antimicrobial resistance of pathogens in hospitalized children with urinary tract infection in Greece
Konstantopoulou S., Daniil I., Petraki I., Nikolarou E., Balampani E., Ntoska P., Papageorgiou D., Charalampidou A., Petropoulou D.
Antimicrobial resistance surveillance in Germany: first results for E.coli, K.pneumoniae and P.mirabilis from urine samples in ambulatory care, 20082009
Noll I., Schweickert B., Krause G., Eckmanns T.
Antimicrobial resistance trends in haemolytic streptococci from throat infections in a paediatric hospital in Greece
Giannakopoulou K., Antonaki G., Paleologou N., Kallimani A., Margoni A., Christopoulos S., Lebessi E.
Antimicrobial spectrum of activity of telavancin and comparator agents tested against methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus recovered from United States and European hospitals over a 3year sampling period (20072009)
Antimicrobial stewardship improves appropriateness of antimicrobial therapy prescription in a neurosurgical unit
Pagani L., Vernaz N., Aschbacher R., Falciani M., Mian P., Schwarz A.
Antimicrobial stewardship programs in Spanish hospitals: a nationwide survey
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