Retrospective study of increasing incidence of acute hepatitisA in Area 2 of Madrid. A report from the microbiology department at a university hospital, Madrid, Spain

Abstract number: R2330

Moreno  M., Pérez Pérez A., Martínez M., Agudo S., López-Brea M., Casal C.

Objectives: Study of incidence of acute hepatitis A (AHA) during the period of 4 years. (January 2006 to November 2009).

Methods: 12666 serum samples obtained from Outpatients, Hospitalized Patients (HP) and patients from Primary Care (PC) were analyzed. HA-IgM antibody, by enzimoimmunoassay (EIA, Arquitect Abbott Diagnostic) was determinated.

Results: In 2006, of the 2794 samples studied, 3 males cases were reported: 1 of SC, 1 of HP and 1 of PC. In 2007, of the total of 3094, 15 were reported: 9 PC, 3 SC, 3 HP (ages 14–52 years, 4 females/11 males). In 2008, we reported 32 cases of 3235 samples: 18 PC, 12 SC, 2 HP (ages 16–46 years, 10 females/22 males). And in 2009 of the total of 3544 samples, we obtained 17: PC 8, SC 9, HP 1 (ages 20–29 years, 17 males). With our results of 67 positive samples, in patients with sintomatology of acute disease, an important group mentioned high-risk sexual practices with other persons of the same/different sex, with prevalence of same sex.

Conclusions: An increase of AHA was observed since May of 2007 to July of 2009, and is becoming more pronunced between september of 2008 to July of 2009. Furthermore we observed the transmission was in most of cases due to sexual practices. In the future, the epidemiological anamnesis of sexual transmission should be considered.

YearTotal (n = 12666)PositivePCOPHPRangeM/F
200627943111 2/1

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Date: 10/04/2010
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