Antibiotic resistance in Escherichia coli infection in the Valencian community, Spain

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Sahuquillo-Arce J.M., Selva-San Adrián M., Beltrán-Heras J., González-Barberá E., Gobernado M.

Objective: To analyze the distribution of Escherichia coli resistance to cefuroxime (CFX), ceftriaxone (CTO), ciprofloxacin (CIP) and co-trimazol (STX), according to sex and age in a period time of 33 months in the Valencian Community, a Spanish region with a population of almost five million people.

Methods: Retrospective analysis of data compiled by the Valencian Community Microbiological Watch Network (RedMIVA) referring to E. coli infections from January 2007 to August 2009. This network registers information from 22 hospitals. All isolates where identified according to standard procedures and the regarding information is transmitted daily via the internet to the Public Health Centre server, where it is automatically treated and recorded.

Data was analyzed by means of the Deviation Information Criteria method (DIC) and logistic regression (LR).

Results: The number of isolates studied was above 100,000 in all four antimicrobials. Data from the three years was added together for each antibiotic since it displayed similar patterns and trends. Men had higher levels of resistance and exhibited an abrupt increase at the age of puberty, while resistance development in women seemed inhibited until the pre-menopause age. Statistical analysis proved that resistance in women and men presented with different patterns. Data is shown in table 1.

Conclusions: This work exposes the distribution of resistance to four antimicrobials with a widespread use. Surprisingly, men and women exhibited different patterns in the acquisition of resistance. Thus, age and sex materialize as crucial factors to be taken into account when the time comes to establish antibiotic use guides.

Whether these results are repeated in different regions is still to be confirmed; but, the idea of a hormonal influence is very appealing.

Table 1. Percentages of antibiotic resistance in women and men

 Resistance (%) by age groupTotal n
 0–45–910–1415–1920–2425–2930–3435–3940–4445–4950–5455–5960–6465–6970–7475–7980–84geqslant R: gt-or-equal, slanted85 

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