Detection of human bocavirus in adenotonsillar tissue specimens by polymerase chain reaction

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Gultekin B., Eyigor M., Eyigor H., Aydin N.

Purpose: The human bocavirus (HBoV) is a recently identified parvovirus detected in respiratory secretions of children who had an infection of the lower respiratory tract. Several studies have identified HBoV in respiratory specimens from children with acute respiratory disease, but the full spectrum of clinical disease and the epidemiology of HBoV infection remain unclear. In this study, our objective was to detect whether adenoid and/or tonsillar tissue of patients diagnosed with chronic adenotonsilitis was a reservoir for HBoV.

Methods: This study was performed with 47 patients with the diagnosis of chronic tonsillitis and adenoid hypertrophy. The criteria for tonsillectomy was to have five or more tonsillitis attacks in a year, while the criteria for adenoidectomy was the 2/3 blockage of choana on endoscopy which causes obstruction symptoms. After the surgery DNA extraction was performed with NucleoSpin Tissue (Macherey-Nagel, Germany) extraction kit from adenoid or tonsil tissues. Human bocavirus was searched by polymerase chain reaction (PCR). The primers were 188F (5'-GACCTCTGTAAGTACTATTAC-3') and 542R (5'-CTCTGTGTTGACTGAATACAG-3'). The expected product size was 354 bp. All PCR products were sequenced to confirm that they were specific for HBoV.

Results: Eight (17%) patients underwent adenotonsillectomy, 12 (25.5%) patients underwent tonsillectomy, and 27 (57.5%) patients underwent adenoidectomy. Fifty-five (35 adenoid, 20 tonsil) tissue samples from 47 patients were included in the study. The average age of the patients varied from 4 to 42 (8±7.050). Bocavirus was detected in five (9%) specimens (one of them was tonsil and the others were adenoid specimens) from five children.

Conclusions: These findings indicate that the palatine tonsils can be colonized by HBoV. Further studies are needed to clarify the possible role of HBoV in upper aerodigestive tract diseases such adenotonsillitis.

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Date: 10/04/2010
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Session name: Abstracts 20th European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases
Location: Vienna, Austria, 10 - 13 April 2010
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