Antibacterials for systemic use in Belgian hospitals

Abstract number: O473

Vaerenberg S., Hendrickx E., Catry B.

Objectives: The aim of the present study is to explore differences in antimicrobial consumption in Belgian hospitals including differences between ward types. This report was restricted to antibacterials for systemic use (WHO-ATC classification J01C).

Methods: Belgian hospitals were invited to report their antimicrobial use to the federal Scientific Institute of Public Health (IPH), which was responsible for the data collection, conversion into defined daily doses (DDD), analysis and feed back. The data collected were split up for non-pediatric and pediatric wards. There is also an optional reporting of intensive care wards and hematology-oncology wards.

Results: The overall results are shown in Table 1. The optional reporting was highly variable over different unit types (range of unit types:8–44). The median antibacterial use per bed-day was more than twice as high in ICU compared to NPD (1150 vs. 456 DDD/1000 bed-days for 2006 and 1209 vs. 536 DDD/1000 bed-days for 2007). The median antibacterial use in HAO (787 DDD/1000 bed-days in 2006, 943 DDD/1000 bed-days in 2007) was situated in between the use on NPD and HAO. For 2007, a big increase in variation in ICU was observed.

Conclusion: Overall incidence of antimicrobial use slightly increased during the observation period, possibly biased by the different number of participating hospitals in the second year of observation. The methodology allows a close trend follow up, with the possibility to compare the consumption between different unit types over time. From 2008 onwards, participation is obliged for the majority of Belgian hospitals.

Table 1. Hospital use expressed as DDD/1000 bed-days (subgroup J01)

  2006 (n = 28)2007 (n = 55)
Beta-lactam antibacterials, penicillinsJ01C234168–375253100–380
Other beta-lactam antibacterialsJ01D10939–17511417–244
Quinolone antibacterialsJ01M658–102677–115
Other antibacterialsJ01X3512–613710–81
Macrolides, lincosamides and streptograminsJ01F238–38257–64
Aminoglycoside antibacterialsJ01G141–38141–55
Sulfonamides and trimethoprimJ01E81–2291–29
Total 492344–694524242–792

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