Risk factors and molecular typing of community-acquired urinary tract infections with ESBL (+) Escherichia coli

Abstract number: R2423

Öztürk S., Birengel S., Tekeli A., Dolapci; I., Azap A., Karamercan G.

Objectives: ESBL-producing E. coli is a well known aetiologic agent of nosocomial infections. The incidence of community-acquired ESBL-producing E. coli infections is increasing. The aim of this study is, to determine the risk factors for urinary tract infections (UTI) caused by ESBL-producing E. coli and define the molecular types of ESBLs.

Methods: Thirty-three patients who have community acquired UTI with ESBL-producing E. coli, between 1st May 2006 and 1st Jan 2007, included in the study. Control group was consisted of 70 patients who have UTI with non-ESBL producer E. coli. Data were collected by the help of a standardised survey form. Strains which were detected as ESBL producer by phenotypic tests, controlled by PCR.

Results: In univariate analysis, female gender (p = 0.01), previous hospitalisation (p = 0.01), urinary system abnormalities (p < 0.01), antibiotic consumption in the previous three months (p < 0.01), ciprofloxacin use (p = 0.04), aminopenicillin use (p = 0.01), having diabetes mellitus (p = 0.03) were found to be significant as risk factors. Any kind of antibiotic consumption in the previous three months (OR, 11.42; CI 95%, 1.97–66.20; p = 0.007) and female gender (OR, 0.81; CI 95%, 0.007–0.82; p = 0.034) were found to be significant in logistic regression analysis. ESBL enzymes detected were 85% CTX-M, and 61% TEM. No SHV enzyme was detected.

Conclusion: Community acquired infections with ESBL-producing E. coli worth of concern. Judicious use of antibiotics is essential in the control of infections caused by resistant microorganisms. It may be possible to stop the spread of such resistant organisms by appropriate antibiotic consumption policies and infection control measures, both in the community and hospital.

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Date: 19/04/2008
Time: 00:00-00:00
Session name: 18th European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases
Location: Barcelona, Spain
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