Myocarditis outbreak with fatal cases associated to Adenovirus subgenera C among children, Havana City, 2005

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Savón C., Acosta B., Valdés O., Goyenechea A., Piñón A., Palerm L., Mas P., Sarmiento L., González G., Rosario D., Capó V., Kourí V., Martínez P.A., Marchena J.J., González-B G., Llop A., Guzmán M.G.

Background: Acute myocarditis is characterised by inflammatory infiltrates of myocardium. Disease has been attributed to multiple causes, but viruses particulary Enteroviruses and Adenovirusrs are considered to be the leading causes of usually clinical myocarditis.

In the summer 2005 an outbreak of atypical febrile syndrome accompanied with acute cardiac decompensation among infants and young children was observed in Havana City. Eleven patients had a torpid evolution and eight fatal cases due to myocarditis were informed.

Methods: The aim of the present study was to investigate the aetiological agent. Two groups of children admitted in paediatric hospitals of Havana City from July 3 to August 2 were studied. Forty clinical samples (necropsy tissue, cerebrospinal fluid, stools, serum were collected and tested by molecular methods to detect 14 Respiratory Viruses, 6 Herpesvirus and generic Enteroviruses, and Flavirus and Alfavirueses. Virus isolation was performed in A-549 cells. Isolated viruses were typed by sequence analysis.

Results: Adenovirus genome was detected in 6 of 8 fatal cases, was more common detected in lung and myocardium 5, (62.5%) and 3(37.5%) respectively. In two patients was detected in both organs. Virus isolation was obtained in 5 patients. In the non fatal cases, Adenovirus was detected in all of them. Virus recover was successful in 2 cases. Viruses detected and isolated were typed as Adenovirus 5 in the fatal cases and Adenovirus 1 in the non fatal cases. None other viruses were found.

Conclusions: Our data suggest that Adenovirus was the aetiological agent implicated in this myocarditis outbreak, after others viruses were discarded.

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Date: 19/04/2008
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Session name: 18th European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases
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