2007 outbreak of viral meningitis in Romania: cases managed in a national institute of infectious diseases

Abstract number: P2187

Popescu C., Arama V., Bacruban R., Streinu-Cercel A., Hristea A., Abagiu A., Antonica D., Irimescu N., Iosipenco M., Badicut I.

In 1996 in south-eastern part of Romania a meningitis epidemic due to West Nile virus affected 863 persons. Therefore, in June 2007 when a new meningitis epidemic occurred we decided to perform a prospective analysis of these cases. We made a descriptive study about the cases admitted in our Institute.

Objective: to analyse the cases of meningitis in order to identify a possible aetiological agent.

Methods: we excluded the cases of bacterial meningitis (tuberculosis included). We analysed 132 cases of meningitis and the case definition was: fever, meningian syndrome and CSF with more than 7 leukocytes/mm3.

Results: Mean age was 23.8 years (between 14 and 72 years), the predominance of male, equivalent distribution regarding rural versus urban provenience and water distribution were described. Most of cases were admitted in August (40.15%) and in July (28.7%). Clinical description: moderate cases, without encephalitis syndrome, with moderate meningian syndrome in 46% of cases. 56 patients associated sinusitis, 65.9% had moderate increased level of fibrinogen and 15.9% had more than 12000 leucocytes /mmc. CSF examination showed in 95.3% of cases – less than 500 cells/mm3. CSF protein was increased but the value was below 2.5g/l for all patients (below 1g/l for 81.8% of cases). For 23 patients we isolated ECHO 4 virus from CSF. All the patients received pathogenic and symptomatic medication and the outcome was favourable in all the cases. This epidemic was different than that due to West Nile, which associated encephalitis, affected old people and had unfavourable outcome in 20% of cases.

Conclusions: 2007 viral meningitis epidemic affected young people, male, and outcome were favourable in all the cases.

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Date: 19/04/2008
Time: 00:00-00:00
Session name: 18th European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases
Location: Barcelona, Spain
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