Candidaemia in oncology patients over the past five years

Abstract number: P1793

Chinou E., Ntavlouros P., Georgouli A., Skouteli H., Giannakakos P., Golemati P.

Objectives: All cases of candidaemia diagnosed in our department over the past five years (2003–2007) were retrospectively analysed to investigate the isolation and distribution rate of Candida spp. in blood cultures and to evaluate their antifungal susceptibility.

Methods: Positive blood cultures with BacT/Alert system were examined microscopically directly for yeasts or pseudoyphae and subcultured on Sabouraud agar. Candida isolates were screened by germ tube test and identified using API 20 CAUX. Antifungal MIC was performed by using ATB fungus 3 (Biomerieux) and Etest (Biodisk) on RPMI 1640 for the following antifungal: amphotericin B (AB), fluorocytosinec (5F), itraconazole (I), fluconazole (F) and voriconazole (V).

Results: During the study period there were 41 (2.9%) yeast isolates from a total of 1389 patients exhibiting positive blood culture. The underlying disease was a solid tumour in 30 patients and an haematological malignancy in 11 patients. 16 patients were in the ICU at diagnosis with mechanical ventilation. Previous Candida colonisation was occurred in 22 patients and central venous catheter in 15 patients. The causative species were: C. albicans 26 strains (63%). C. tropicalis 6 (14.6%), C. parapsilosis 5 (12%), C.glabatra 2 (4.9%)and C. krusei 2 (4.9%). C. parapsilosis isolated from patients with a central venous catheter. The 2 patients with C. krusei had haematological malignancy. Sensitivity rates (%) of C. albicans to all antifungal agents were 100 except to F (80). The MIC of the two strains of C. krusei to AB was 2 mg/lit.

Conclusions: Candidaemia in oncology patients is predominantly caused by C. albicans. The frequency of candidaemia due to Candida non-albicans is quite high (37%). The highest degree of resistance was observed to fluconazole while voriconazole was very active against all species of Candida.

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Date: 19/04/2008
Time: 00:00-00:00
Session name: 18th European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases
Location: Barcelona, Spain
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