Human papillomavirus genotyping before the introduction of quadrivalent vaccine against HPV on the Romanian population

Abstract number: P1697

Manolescu L., Dragodan A., Anton G., Sultana C., Ruta S.

Objective: To study the prevalence of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) genotypes in Romanian population before the introduction of anti HPV vaccine in order to be able to find out the changes that will occur in HPV genotypes in our population once the vaccine will be applied.

Methods: 115 patients, average age 32.8±8.85 years (limits 3–63 years old), 82% women, were tested for the presence and genotype of HPV during a period of one year before the introduction of HPV vaccine. The patients presented with cervical lesions, vulvar, vaginal, or penian warts, cervical intraepithelial neoplasia grade 2 or 3, adenocarcinoma in situ, conjunctival papillomas, oral papillomas, and other cutaneous lesions and as sexual partners of women diagnosed with HPV. Genotyping was performed after the amplification of the extracted DNA target by hybridisation on strips provided through Inno-Lipa HPV Genotyping CE Assay.

Results: We found a high prevalence of the HPV infection in the studied population. 79.3% patients were HPV positive, but women were more affected than men: 88.8% positive women vs. 63.6% positive men. The following genotypes were founded: HPV 6 (in 17.4% cases); HPV 16 (in 17.4% cases); HPV 18 (in 8.7% cases); HPV 31 (in 21.7% cases); HPV 51 (in 13% cases); HPV 53 (in 4.3% cases); HPV 66 (in 4.3% cases); HPV 68 (in 4.3% cases); HPV 70 (in 4.3% cases) and in 26% cases we could not determine the genotype. Also 17.4% from the positive patients presented at least 2 HPV genotypes at the same time. The most frequent associations were: 6 + 68; 16 +18 + 31; 18 + 31 and 16 + 51.

Conclusion: Due to the high prevalence of HPV infection in our population we recommend molecular diagnostics and genotyping as a routine examination and a possible indication for the anti HPV vaccine in patients with characteristic lesions for HPV infection.

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Date: 19/04/2008
Time: 00:00-00:00
Session name: 18th European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases
Location: Barcelona, Spain
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