Travel medicine surveillance in northeastern, Brazil

Abstract number: P1630

Hinrichsen S., Vilella T., Rêgo L., Christian Y., Lobo A., Lira C., Falcão É., Almeida L., Cavalcanti R.

Background: Brazil, especially the northeastern coastline region atracts travelers from Brazil and all over the world. Approximately 8% of travelers to the developing world require medical care during or after travel. Due the importance of tourism, travel destination can help physicians select empiric therapy for diseases developing during or after travel.

Methods: We reviewed N=253 patients who were admitted in our infections diseases travel clinic between 02/24/2004 to 12/01/2006 before and after traveling, or during their journey in Recife, Brazil. We conducted a prospective observational monocentric study. Variables available for analysis included gender, age, country, final diagnosis and if medical care was before, during or after travelers. A descriptive statistics of the collected data was done using the software EPI INFO 3.3.2.

Results: 140 (55.3%) were male. The mean age was 33.5 (ranging from one month to 85 years). 141 (55.7%)were Brazilian travelers (n = 303, in transient; n = 30, pre-travel; and n = 3, pos-travel) and 112 (44.3%) were from others countries (n = 35, from Europe; n = 33, from North America). 213 (88.0%) were transient travelers (n = 303 brazilian travelers and n = 310 international travelers). 32 (12.6%) people (n = 30 brazilians) came to the service before travel to counseiling. 14 (5.5%) had been in Malaria and Yellow Fever area less than 30 days before coming to the hospital, and 3 of them (21.4%) came back from their trip with Malaria due to P. falciparum (2 from Luanda-Angola; 1 from Manaus-Brazil). Also, 2 (0.8%) people came back from their trip with Viral Meningitis. 22 (8.7%) were assisted at the emergency service due gastroenteritis (acute diarrhoea).

Conclusions: Acute diarrhoea (8.7%) was the principal syndrome during travels and Malaria was the major cause of systemic febrile illness for travelers returning from endemic areas.

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Date: 19/04/2008
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