Information overload or under load! How national knowledge weeks can help busy professionals

Abstract number: P1124

Wiseman S., Hansraj F., Kostkova P., Jawaheer G., Catchpole M., Roy A., Freed J.

The National electronic Library of Infection (NeLI) is a single-entry portal to evidence based medical knowledge around infection and covers a broad range of infectious diseases.

The National Resource for Infection Control (NRIC) was launched in May 2005 in response to National Audit Office (2000/04) recommendations for a national infection control manual. The project, funded by the Department of Health (UK), is endorsed by NeLI and provides a single access point to the best available evidence and resources on infection prevention and control.

The overall aim of both NeLI and NRIC is to provide relevant evidence based policy, guidance and quality information, published within the last 5 years (where possible) in a timely manner. The key added value of both sites is the quality appraisal of posted documents, which is conducted in collaboration with major professional societies and expert committees in the UK.

Promotion of the websites is ongoing through conference attendance and publications, but it is often obvious when talking to infectious disease and infection prevention specialists that they struggle to keep up-to-date with guidance, research and policy in this important area. Therefore, in January 2006 we started producing a monthly eNewsletter, which is currently subscribed to by more than 1800 professionals, and this provides information on the latest news, upcoming conferences and new resources added to the websites in the last month.

In an effort to help with either information `overload' (too much information) or `under load' (not knowing what you need to know) it was agreed that National Knowledge Weeks (NKW's) were the way forward. The aim was to identify the best resources, policy and expert comments regarding the prevention and/or control, treatment and care of specific diseases, infections and infection control practice for healthcare professionals.

This presentation outlines the three specialist areas promoted through the websites in 2007; Tuberculosis, Seasonal Influenza, and Infection Control along with the subsequent analysis of page views received, the popularity of the page, the geographical location of the incoming traffic and the means of accessing the page through use of the web server logs. The discussion will include an evaluation on whether NKW's add value to the sites and achieve their aim and represent the way forward for 2008.

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Date: 19/04/2008
Time: 00:00-00:00
Session name: 18th European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases
Location: Barcelona, Spain
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