In vitro adsorption and release of antibiotics from cancellous bone

Abstract number: P1055

Sahinides T., Kanellakopoulou K., Galanakis N., Chrisouli Z., Giamarellou H.

Objectives: Drug delivery systems have become of significant importance in the contemporary management of chronic bone infections. Several antibiotics have been studied for their release patterns from cancellous bone. We report the adsorption and elution profile of human cancellous bone impregnated with moxifloxacin (MXF), teicoplanin (TEIC) and fucidic acid (FUC).

Methods:~1 g of processed cancellous bone was compressed into a wire-mesh cylinder made of stainless steel and impregnated with 5 ml of antibiotic solution (100 mg/ml, active product ingredient) for 1 hour at room temperature. Five replicates for each antibiotic were incubated separately at 37 oC in 5 ml of Mueller Hinton broth and transferred daily into a new elution tube for 42 days. The amount of antibiotic eluted in broth was assessed by a microbiological assay (agar diffusion using Bacillus subtilis ATCC 6633 for MXF and TEIC and Corynebacterium 404 CIP 5216 for FUC).

Results: High concentrations of MXF and FUC were measured on the first 5 days (>100 mg/ml) with a rapid decline until day 10 (mean value ~50 mg/ml), showing a steady state curve thereafter. On day 20 the MXF concentration remained significant (~25 mg/ml), whereas the amount of FUC decreased to ~13 mg/ml. On day 30 MXF concentration maintained a value of ~10 mg/ml as opposed to FUC concentration (~2.9 mg/ml). By day 40 the MXF level was reduced to ~2 mg/ml. On the contrary, very low levels of TEIC were measured after the first 4 days (<10 mg/ml).

Conclusion: After an initial burst of release in the first 5 days, MXF attained high concentration in the elution fluid for up to 4 weeks. FUC had a similar release pattern reaching the lowest values in less time. TEIC was found to have an inferior elution profile against the other two antibiotics. Cancellous bone can be used as a carrier of antibiotics for local delivery. The implications of these findings need to be examined in the clinical setting.

Antibiotic elution profile.

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Date: 19/04/2008
Time: 00:00-00:00
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Location: Barcelona, Spain
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