Risk factors and surgical site infection in a tertiary care hospital in Greece

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Masgala A., Nikolopoulos G., Touloumis Z., Schizas V., Dervenis C., Kakavoulis T.

Objectives: To estimate the risk factors for surgical site infection (SSI) in the surgical wards of a tertiary care hospital in Greece.

Materials and Methods: In two surgical wards of 33 beds each, a total of 41 patients with surgical infections were recorded during the period 1/7/07 to 30/11/07. We applied logistic regression models to examine the effect of the following risk factors on the type of infection: underlying diseases (cardiac failure, diabetes mellitus, renal failure, respiratory failure, neoplastic disease, connective tisue disease, malnutrition, obesity, liver insufficiency), smoking, alcohol consumption, medications (chemotherapy agents, corticosteroids, others), American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) score, type of anaesthesia, type of surgery, duration of surgical procedure, postoperative time in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and time on ventilator.

Results: Among 41 patients with surgical infections, 26 were males (63.41%) and 15 were females (36.59%) while the mean age was 62.02 years. Totally, 22 had SSI (53.66%), 3 had pneumonia (7.32%), 3 had bacteraemia (7.32%), 2 had intraabdominal abcesses (4.88%), 3 had pneumonia plus intraabdominal abcesses (7.32%), 1 had bacteraemia plus SSI (2.44%), 2 had central catheter infection plus SSI (4.88%), 1 had SSI plus intraabdominal abcess (2.44%), 1 had pneumonia plus bacteraemia plus SSI (2.44%), 1 had pneumonia plus SSI plus central catheter infection (2.44%), 1 had bacteraemia plus SSI plus central catheter infection (2.44%), and 1 had pneumonia plus bacteraemia plus SSI plus central catheter infection (2.44%).

Using logistic regression analysis, we found that only postoperative time in ICU or time on ventilator can increase almost 10 fold the risk of acquiring any surgical infection other than SSI (Odds ratio:10.8, 95% Confidence Interval:2.01–58.10).

Conclusion: More than half of the patients in this study experienced a surgical site infection. Postoperative time on ICU and time on ventilator affected significantly the type of infection.

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Date: 19/04/2008
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