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Wave of undocumented migrants in the Canary Islands: new challenges for European microbiologists
Montesinos I., Miguel M., Campos S., Pedroso Y., Torres A., Sierra A.
What system for the glycopeptides and oxazolidinone susceptibility testing among Enterococcus faecium isolates?
Raponi G., Ghezzi M.C., Gherardi G., Dicuonzo G.
What's in the pipeline? Cell wall inhibitors/miscellaneous metabolism inhibitors
Bush K.
Where is MRSA in an intensive care unit and does it matter?
White L., Dancer S., Robertson C.
WHO first Global Patient Safety Challenge: current achievements
Allegranzi B., Leotsakos A., Storr J., Dziekan G., Donaldson L., Pittet D.
Whole blood real-time PCR for cytomegalovirus DNA quantification: analysis of PCR data and pp65 antigen test in a cohort of solid-organ transplant recipients
Cerutti F., Pittaluga F., Varetto S., Gabella S., Franchello A., Rinaldi M., Ghisetti V., Allice T.
Who's carrying MRSA? Prevalence of MRSA amongst staff at a district general hospital and associated risk factors
Clark J., Archibald J., Kearns A., Barnass S., Kyi M.
Wildlife hosts of SARS-coronavirus and related viruses
Wang L-F.
Worldwide antimicrobial susceptibility patterns among E. coli isolated from intra-abdominal infections (IAI): results from SMART 2005
Gallagher G., Hsueh P.R., Baquero F., Paterson D., Báez-Villaseñor J., Wilson H., Abramson M.
Worldwide dissemination of expanded-spectrum b-lactamase VEB-1 and quinolone resistance determinant QnrA1 through acquisition of IncA/C2 plasmids
Poirel L., Villa L., Bertini A., Pitout J., Nordmann P., Carattoli A.